Kathy Griffin Hilariously Challenges Kate Beckinsale to a Bikini Contest During Game Night -- Watch!

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The ladies battled it out at Griffin's game night on Friday.

Kathy Griffin hosts a different kind of game night. 

The 57-year-old comedian took to Instagram on Saturday to share a hilarious video of her bikini contest with Kate Beckinsale, 45.

The two put their toned bods on display as they strut through Griffin's home in the clip, sporting nothing but tiny two-pieces and matching black booties. After showing off their best catwalk, Griffin and Beckinsale jokingly try to take each other down, as their friends burst into laughter. 

"Last night, I hosted gay game night at my home. I love @KateBeckinsale, but she’s never had any real competition in the beauty department. I decided to challenge her to a bikini contest. Let me tell you...she still doesn’t know what hit her. Sorry Kate," Griffin captioned the hysterically bizarre video. 

Griffin, who received praise from stars like Colton Haynes and Debra Messing in the comments, told ET in June that she lost "90 percent of my friends" after her Trump mask photo scandal last year -- which also nearly ruined her career.

"My personal life did fall apart,” she said. “My joke is, I'm down to eight gay guys, two puppies, my boyfriend and my mom, and my mom is on the bubble.”

“My life got very pared down and, you know, it was interesting,” she continued. “The comedian Katt Williams called me that day and he said, 'Get out a pen and a piece of paper.' And I thought he was going to give me, like, advice or talking points or whatever, but he gave me a better tip, which is, 'Write down the name of every single person who calls you today with complete support and, at the end of that day, look at the list and those are who your friends are.' And there were three names!”

Those three names were Williams, Griffin’s mother, Maggie, who was concerned her daughter had joined the terrorist organization ISIS, and Jim Carrey, whom Griffin admits she barely knows. But it looks like she's added a few more famous faces to her list since. 

See more on Griffin in the video below.