Kathy Griffin Shares an Update on Cancer Recovery and a Joke From One of Her Doctors

The comedian took to Instagram to give fans an update on her battle with lung cancer and bring a little levity to the matter.

Kathy Griffin is giving fans an update on her health amid her recent lung cancer diagnosis. The comedian took to Instagram on Tuesday after her most recent doctor's visit to share the funny way her doctor tried to make light of her condition since undergoing surgery as part of her lung cancer battle.

"When you're a comedian -- and I've been dealing with this for years -- the doctors always want to be comedians too," Griffin shared with a chuckle. "So, you know I had half my left lung removed. So he described it to me this way three times, but he could not resist doing it again today. So he goes like this, 'You know, the thing about having a lobe removed from your lung is it's really not that big of a deal' -- in the meantime I feel like I could fall over any minute."

She continued, "He goes, 'You know, people don't realize we find the cancer and then we go in and, basically, we pop the lobe like a balloon and we take it out of a little incision on your side,' by the way I have like 17 incisions. He goes, 'In fact, it's kind of like taking out a used condom. You could use that.'"

Griffin continued to laugh at her doctor's attempted joke and his insistence that she use it in her next bit before realizing she was doing exactly that.

"I'm laughing because every time he tells that horrible joke he then always goes, 'You could use that,' and I'm always like, 'OK, buddy.' But I'm actually using it 'cause I think it's so funny that this guy keeps saying it and he's probably going to say it the next time I go in too."

The 60-year-old funny woman returned home from the hospital on Friday after having surgery, and was greeted by some adoring supporters -- her pack of adorable dogs.

She shared a video of the pups jumping up on her, wagging their tails excitedly and licking her face, as she sat down on a lounge chair near the pool in her backyard.

"Home from the hospital and greeted by my board certified medical PAWfessional recovery pack  #dogsofinstagram," Griffin wrote.

The comic shared a video of herself addressing her fans in a post on Saturday, where she commented on her particularly hoarse voice -- a result of the surgical procedure.

"I might start to post little videos about my recovery and stuff, but my voice is, like, really hoarse and I don't want to scare people," Griffin said.

The comic giggled as she spoke and admitted, "Also, for some reason, I laugh at everything now! And if it's horrible, I laugh way more."

Griffin first revealed last Monday that she is battling stage-one lung cancer, and is recovering after having a successful surgery.

"Surgery went well and as planned," a rep for Griffin told ET in a statement. "Kathy is now in recovery now and resting. Doctors say the procedure was normal without any surprises."