Kathy Griffin Undergoes Vocal Cord Surgery to Restore Her Voice After Lung Cancer Battle

Kathy Griffin
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Griffin announced she was cancer-free in 2021.

Kathy Griffin revealed this week she had successfully undergone vocal cord surgery to help the recovery of her voice following her lung cancer battle. 

Griffin posted a video of the experience to TikTok, taking fans into the procedure with her via footage from the camera the surgeon used to see Griffin's vocal cords.

@kathygriffin I so appreciate you guys following along on my hourney to get my voice back after #lungcancer !!! Thank you so much to Dr.Barbu!!! #wellnessjourney #cancer #survivor #fyp #foryoupage #comedia #comedian #standup #standupcomedy #vocal #kathygriffin original sound - realkathygriffin

From her her post-op recovery bed, Griffin said she'd needed the surgery "because I want to be ready for my big Vegas show on June 17." 

She added, "This is just part of my recovery post-lung cancer journey. I'm cancer-free." 

Griffin also used the video to celebrate her doctor, Dr. Barbu, whom she described as a "really kickass female voice surgeon." 

Griffin first revealed she'd been diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2021, and later announced she was cancer-free in November that same year. 

The comedian had half of her left lung removed as part of the cancer treatment, later opening up that the recovery had been worse than she had anticipated. 

"To be honest, this cancer surgery was a little more than I had anticipated," Griffin wrote on Instagram in August 2021. "Tonight will be my first night without any narcotic pain killers. Hello Tylenol, my new best friend!" She added that the last time she was in the hospital was in June 2020 when she tried to take her own life and overdose on prescription pills.

"With over a year clean and drug free, I now know I can do this and anything I want without those devil pills," she continued. "Y'know what? I fear drugs and addiction more than I fear cancer. So, I think I'll be OK."

Griffin is set to perform at the Mirage Theater in Las Vegas on June 17. The performance is a follow-up of her recently completed Laugh Your Head Off world tour, which took her took her across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.