'Katy Keene' and K.O. Try to Avoid the Awkwardness in Red-Hot Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a first look from Thursday's Valentine's Day episode.

Love is in the air.

It's Valentine's Day in the world of Katy Keene, so get ready for an hour filled with swoon-worthy romantic gestures (or not)! After Katy (Lucy Hale) turns down her beau, K.O.'s (Zane Holtz), first marriage proposal -- right when K.O. has plans to re-propose, she asks him to move in with her as a sign that she's ready to get serious with their relationship without having to say "yes" just yet.

Things between the couple don't exactly get off on the right foot in Thursday's episode, from which ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek, when K.O. makes himself too comfortable as one of Katy's new roommates. His first (annoying) act? Hogging the bathroom first thing in the morning. To say it's a bit chaotic is an understatement. 

When a shirtless, ab-tastic K.O. finally gets out of the shower, Jorge (Jonny Beauchamp), resigned to shaving his legs in the living room, is less than interested in giving Katy's beau the time of day as Jorge walks by without saying a word.

So, what does K.O. have planned for Valentine's Day? A can't-miss fight that Katy promises she won't miss (she is K.O.'s "good luck charm"), even though she's currently on shift at the department store. "K.O. Kelly, I have never missed one of your matches. I. Am. There," she sweetly says, before she breaks the unfortunate news that she may have to do some groveling to get the time off to make it there. 

When Katy kisses K.O. goodbye, his face isn't exactly the definition of elated. Could he be having doubts about their relationship? Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek above.

A spinoff of RiverdaleKaty Keene is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to its flagship series as Ashleigh Murray, who plays musical wunderkind Josie, explains. 

"It's nothing like Riverdale. Everybody's staying alive," Murray told ET last August. Translation: No death here. "Even though it is very bright, there's still drama, there's still hardship, there's still that grit... Life isn't life without it."

Katy Keene airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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