Katy Perry Admits She 'Wasn't Ready' to Have Kids a Couple Years Ago: 'I Did the Work to Get Ready'

The singer also shares if she's thought about baby names.

Katy Perry is more than ready for motherhood.

During the pregnant singer's interview with Australia's Fifi, Fev & Byron radio show, Perry opened up about how it took her a couple of years working on herself to be fully prepared to become a mom.

"I was that girl, or am still that girl, that had that box, the baby clothes before there was the thought, or even an Orlando Bloom. I'm excited about that and like I said, I have two nieces and one nephew that I'm obsessed with," she told Fifi Box and Brendan Fevola. "I think, definitely, everything's changing. I wasn't ready a couple years ago, and I did the work to get ready and now I'm really ready. I see a baby and I'm like [makes gaga face]. It's just time for me and it's the right time."

When asked if she has baby names in mind, she replied, "Yeah, of course. I've strategized a record before, and my life and my career. There's been some thoughts in some of these things."

As for Bloom having a say in picking out names, Perry joked, "We make him think he does. That's how you do it," before adding, "No, of course he does! He's incredible. That's why we're on this journey."

Perry revealed that she's pregnant with her first child last week, showing off her baby bump in her "Never Worn White" music video. She then confirmed the news during an Instagram Live session.

During her chat with the radio hosts, they brought up her stellar performance at the Women's Cricket World Cup Final, asking her how she had the energy to perform.

"In the beginning I was a little blue and that happens, but it's not that way anymore and I'm still maintaining the balance," Perry explained. "I'm not running myself ragged. I'm not at the club, and when you stop drinking and smoking and start creating a baby, it's like, your whole body is like, 'Well, thanks for treating me nicely for one day.'"

Perry, meanwhile, has had to shake off some backlash for traveling amid coronavirus concerns and while pregnant. During another Australian podcast, Hughesy & Ed, she joked that her parents have stopped shaking her hand.

"My parents fist bumped me the other day," she said. "I was like, 'What? OK…That's what watching the new forever will do, I guess."

Watch the video below for more on Perry's pregnancy.