Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Secret to Not Crying When She Performs

Kelly shared some personal advice on Monday's 'The Voice.'

Kelly Clarkson is revealing her secret to keeping it composed onstage!

The season 23 Knockout Rounds continued on Monday's The Voice, and things got emotional when Team Niall's Ross Clayton and Jerome Godwin III took the stage with their respective performance of Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" and "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi.

The coaches were pretty unanimous in their opinions, saying that while Ross' rocking cover was nearly pitch-perfect, Jerome may have made a misstep when he chose a ballad instead of his usual uptempo performance.

When it came to offering her comments to Jerome, Kelly said she felt the young singer and dental student had a "wall up" and didn't show as much emotion onstage as she hoped he would.

"Sometimes, I feel a song so much that I have to go dead inside," she explained of her own process. "'Cause I don't want to bawl."

Kelly's certainly no stranger to letting her emotions shine through onstage -- and she'll have plenty of opportunities to show them off as she prepares to release her upcoming album, Chemistry, on June 23.

"It was a very personal record," Kelly recently said of the lead single "Mine," which she hinted is a retelling of her relationship with her now ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.

"It was very good for me to be able to experience the whole relationship on this album, because to diminish something to just bad would be a disservice," the singer-songwriter continued in an Instagram Live, shared to The Kelly Clarkson Show YouTube channel. 

"I was very worried about it because I didn't know if I'd want to talk about it all the time, 'cause I don't enjoy that," Kelly added of putting her personal life so boldly on display. "But I think that it's very important to still be the same artist I've been my whole career, which is very open and honest."

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