Kelly Clarkson Says Going Through a Divorce Is 'Horrible'

The singer filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in June.

Kelly Clarkson is getting real about divorce. On Tuesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 38-year-old host calls going through a divorce "horrible" while speaking with bestselling Untamed author Glennon Doyle and Alicia Keys.

Clarkson filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in June after nearly seven years of marriage. They share two kids, River, 6, and Remington, 4. Blackstock is also dad to two kids from a previous relationship.

"I'm going through one right now. It's horrible," she tells Doyle of divorce. "There are so many hard parts. The hardest for me is the kids. That's the hardest for me."

"I think, as women especially, we're trained... to take it all on, and you can deal with it, and you're fine, but it's your babies that you worry about," Clarkson adds.

This episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show airs shortly after she was awarded primary custody of her and Blackstock's children,  according to court docs. While Clarkson and Blackstock initially requested joint legal and physical custody of their kids, court docs obtained by ET on Monday paint a different picture.

"The level of conflict between the parents has increased," the document read. "The parties have a difficult time co-parenting due to issues of trust between them."

When ET's Rachel Smith spoke to Clarkson in October, the singer called the divorce process "sh**ty," and opened up about its impact on her kids.

"There's a lot of hearts involved here... The thing that's been kind of hard to navigate is I am an open book, but at some point, I'm a mama bear more than I am a person in the public eye," Clarkson told ET. "So, I care 100 percent more about my children than I do anything else on this planet."

"So, that's been the hard thing of, like, yes, I'm willing to share my experience and yes, it is the worst," she continued. "I mean, the past few months have been horribly sad. But at the same time, I have to think, 'Hmmm, what I say has a domino effect in other people's lives.'"