Kelly Clarkson Says She Lost 'Millions' Because She Didn't Want to Be Associated With Dr. Luke

Kelly Clarkson
Isaac Brekken

The singer said she refused a writing credit on one of her hits because she didn't want her name near his.

Kelly Clarkson is not a fan of Dr. Luke.

The 35-year-old singer says that she once gave up hundreds of thousands of dollars just to avoid beeing associated with him.

Clarkson opened up to Z100 New York on Wednesday where she claimed she once rejected a writing credit on her hit 2009 single, "My Life Would Suck Without You," just so her name wouldn't be printed alongside Dr. Luke's.

"There's a lot of times in my career where you don't see my name on a song… sometimes I don't write them, but a lot of times I do change the song in a way that you probably should ask for credit, but I don't because the song was already great, I just made it more me," Clarkson explained. "So, if I deserve it, I usually ask, and I did deserve it on that song because I changed it a bit."

Back in March 2016, Clarkson said that her record label, RCA Records, "blackmailed" her into working with the producer/songwriter (real name is Lukasz Gottwald) on her 2004 hit "Since U Been Gone" and again on "My Life Would Suck Without You." She claimed the label wouldn't put out her record if she didn't work with Dr. Luke, which she said she was vehemently opposed to.

"I was so frustrated because I literally said, 'Anyone in the world but this one person. I will work with anyone you want to put in my path,' like, I love people," Clarkson told Z100's Mo' Bounce. "But it was just this one thing and I asked to not work with Dr. Luke, just because I had not a good experience working with him. It was just one thing, and they just wouldn't even give it to me."

In 2016, Clarkson told Australia's KIIS FM that she's "clashed" with Dr. Luke in the past, adding, "He's not a good person to me."

"Obviously he's a talented dude, but he's just lied a lot," she claimed of the 42-year-old producer. "I've come up on a lot of bad situations. Musically, it's been really hard for me, because he will just lie to people, and it makes the artist look bad. He's kind of difficult to work with, kind of demeaning."

Clarkson's claims of being obligated to work with Dr. Luke first came out in the midst of Kesha's legal battle against the producer. Kesha has alleged that Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her over a decade ago and abused her both physically and emotionally. The producer has producer has staunchy denied all such accusations.

Clarkson was clear that her experiences with Dr. Luke did not mirror Kesha's allegations, however.

"Her situation is very different from mine, apparently. He never did anything like that with me. I don't know that part," she said. "But I can remark on his character… I get along with everybody I work with, I love everyone I work with, and he’s just not a good guy for me."

Check out the video below to hear more from the Texas native about working with Dr. Luke on some of her earlier hits.