Kelly Clarkson Talks Scary Home Burglary: 'We Caught It on Camera' (Exclusive)

The singer feels lucky that she and her family weren't home when someone broke in on Wednesday night.

Kelly Clarkson is opening up about having her bedroom “ransacked," when a home that the singer and her family were renting in Los Angeles was burglarized on Wednesday.

“Luckily, we weren't there -- and somebody was supposed to be there at that time that we were robbed,” she told ET on Friday, ahead of her performance on CBS’ A Home for the Holidays special, airing on Dec. 19. “We caught it on camera, but it was just one of those things that sucked, you know? Somebody was in your kid’s room and ransacked our whole room and closet and everything, and that's never a good feeling.”

“Honestly, it's my third time in life [being] robbed, but I think it's different when you have kids,” continued the songstress. “It's a different level of, 'Ugh.' We’re blessed we weren't home. It definitely sucks and it’s good that our two older kids weren't with us and our two younger kids don't really get it.”

Clarkson first revealed the house she was staying in was burglarized in an interview with Extra on Thursday.

Scary burglaries aside, Clarkson loves being home at this time of year, and dished on some of her favorite holiday traditions. First and foremost is simple family time … with plenty of games!

“My sister my mom and I are big gamers, so we sit there and play games and it gets heated and my mom usually ends up being miserable because we're so competitive and it's always fun!” shared the “Love So Soft” singer. “And, we watch movies and have hot cocoa and pizza nights.”

“No matter what industry or walk of life you're from, it’s the time of year that slows down for us to actually hone in on what's important and the fact that we're all happy and healthy and here for a little longer,” Clarkson added.

Check out a snippet of the American Idol winner's animated Christmas special below.


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