Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Dish on Chemistry After 6 Months of Hosting 'Live' Together (Exclusive)

The co-hosts aren't just friends for show.

Six months in, and Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest still can't wait to host each day of Live With Kelly and Ryan together. 

ET's Cameron Mathison caught up with the dynamic duo in New York City, where they opened up about their chemistry on and off-camera. 

"I get excited. I'm actually, genuinely excited to see her every morning," Seacrest reveals. "I know in the past, sometimes you didn't say hi before you go on the air... I like to say hi before we go on the air. We don't talk about too much, but I still give you a little more than hi." 

"Ryan is exactly who he is, off-camera and on -- sincere and genuine and authentic with every person," Ripa adds. 

"Ryan [was on Live] for years as a guest host and we always thought, 'He's too busy,' but as it turns out... all he had really going on was his radio show," executive producer Michael Gelman dishes. "When we started talking, we thought, 'We could all make this work, including building a little studio right here.'" 

"You put them together and it's not one plus one equals two, it's one plus one makes 10," he continues. "Because the two of them, they like each other and they have fun together and they can just be loose and be real." 

The co-hosts definitely aren't just friends for the show. Case in point? The two are coming together to host a Halloween party. 

"He is the reason we are having the party. We are hosting it together," Ripa says. "It is on a Tuesday. He says, 'We will have everybody out by nine.' I go, 'Most people would not be arriving until nine!'"

In Seacrest's defense, he does have a lot on his plate. In addition to hosting Live, he's got a daily radio show, and he's back hosting American Idol. 

"I have the voice of an angel," Kelly jokes, pitching her audition. "I'm going for Hollywood." 

"She wants a golden ticket," Seacrest confirms. "When they were talking about me coming back to the show, she said, 'You have to go.'"

"He is the heart and soul of American Idol," Ripa insists. 

See more on Seacrest's return to Idol in the video below. 

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