Kelsey Asbille Believes 'Yellowstone' Is 'Nearing the End': What the Rest of the Cast Thinks (Exclusive)

Could these next 14 episodes be it for the Dutton family? The stars of TV's most-watched show shared their thoughts with ET.

Yellowstone may be TV's most-watched scripted show, but when the Paramount Network drama was picked up for a 14-episode fifth season, some fans expressed concern amid speculation that the series could be approaching the end of its run.

ET's Rachel Smith was with the stars of Yellowstone on Thursday at the New York premiere for season 5, where they addressed whether there may be truth to the chatter and if creator Taylor Sheridan or star/executive producer Kevin Costner has shed any light.

"You know, they haven't given us a number. But I think that we are nearing the end," Kelsey Asbille said candidly. "We've got a story to tell and we don't want to drag it on too long. We want to do a good job for y'all."

The actress joked she's "given a lot of [her] 20s" to play Monica. "We love these characters so much, so listen, I'll play her as long as I can," Asbille promised.

However, not all of Asbille's fellow cast members were ready to be as definitive about the potential end of the series. (Costner previously told ET he's in it for the long run until Yellowstone doesn't feel "interesting" anymore.)

"I don't know about all that," Cole Hauser, who plays Rip, told ET, acknowledging that Sheridan "has a ton on his plate." "I think it just worked out the way it should, which is we want to make sure that he has time to write what he needs to write when it comes to Yellowstone. So they made that decision [to split it into two parts]."

The actor, who hinted that he has a role in the upcoming David Oyelowo series1883: The Bass Reeves Story, said he will continue to put on the bootstraps "as long as Taylor continues to write like a bada** that he is."

Gil Birmingham, who portrays Thomas Rainwater, shared that he'd be willing to play in the Yellowstone sandbox for "another five, 10 years."

But ultimately, the life of Yellowstone rests on Sheridan's shoulders, the veteran actor said. "I guess that really has to do with how much of a storyline Taylor wants to extend and the incredible ideas he comes up with season after season, on top of the spinoffs that he's doing. I mean, we love doing it so I'll do it forever."

Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie, said the 14-episode season could be just so Sheridan and the writers "can get the most out of the story, and I think they're just trying to find ways to extend that a bit."

"I don't know for sure, but that's what it feels like," Bentley theorized. "It certainly isn't because -- I don't think anything's ending soon. It doesn't feel like that... Also just to know that we are taking our time to get through the story and make sure we tell it in the best way possible is important. I think more important than kicking them out fast or any of that."

Co-star Luke Grimes expressed uncertainty over whether season 5 is the end. If it is or not, he's more interested in going out on a high note.

"I don't know, honestly. Taylor hasn't said anything, but I do know that he won't take it past where it's supposed to go," he said. "Sometimes shows that get to this level, they can go on and on and on. But he won't have our show do that. So we'll see. We'll see where it goes."

Asked how long he'd be down to play Kayce, Grimes confessed he admires his character: "I want to be Kayce, so I'd do it forever. I am Kayce."

Enough said.

Season 5 of Yellowstone will premiere Nov. 13 on Paramount Network.