Kendra Wilkinson Says She'll 'Always Love' Hank Baskett Amid Her Plans to File for Divorce

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Kendra Wilkinson will always have love for Hank Baskett.

After multiple sources told ET earlier this week that the model is planning to divorce her husband of nearly nine years, Wilkinson took to Twitter on Thursday to answer a few fan questions about her well-being and marital troubles.

"I can't stand marital advice," she revealed during the tweet spree. "The @DalaiLama is the only one who can give me any type to real s**t advice. Lmaoooooo marital advice makes me [puke]."

Then, when a fan bluntly asked if she was "happy even with Hank," who allegedly cheated on her in 2014, Wilkinson responded, "I will always love Hank. Always."

Another one of her followers asked, "What then is happiness, Kendra?" To which she responded, "If you're choosing to be happy every second then you're masking some pretty heavy s**t. Happiness does live in pain and tears but u can’t live there. Gotta be patient n giving n loving through ups n downs."

"The universe doesn’t stop for you," she continued in a series of tweets. "Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. At the end if all u have is faith, love and positive outlook then it’s a good day."

The fan questions seem to be in response to the pictures and videos Wilkinson -- who was no longer wearing her wedding ring -- posted to her Instagram Stories last weekend. She exclaimed that "life isn't making any sense to me right now" and that she needs to "love myself again." 

"How much strength does it take to be strong?" she asked her followers. "I try so hard to be good but never good enough. Therapy is for the birds."

"I need to love myself again and I will," she continued. "Life is too precious."

An additional source told ET on Wednesday that Wilkinson "feels broken" and has come to terms with the fact that her relationship with the former NFL star isn’t "healthy" anymore. 

"She's always been mommy-oriented and remains focused on her kids and what's best for them," the source said, adding that Wilkinson and Baskett are currently still living together at their home in Los Angeles. "She's been spending quality time with her close girlfriends to keep herself busy. She is focusing on herself and her health. She enjoys working out, going to Pilates and hiking to keep herself focused and untroubled."

Wilkinson, 32, and Baskett, 35, tied the knot in 2009 and have two children, an 8-year-old son, Hank IV, and a 3-year-old daughter, Alijah. Hear more on what went wrong in the video below.


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