Kevin Hart Roasts 'Me Time' Co-Star Mark Wahlberg Over Funky Bunch and Underwear Modeling History (Exclusive)

The cast of 'Me Time' is all laughs at the premiere of their new Netflix comedy.

Kevin Hart says Mark Wahlberg and the Funky Bunch will not be opening for him on tour anytime soon, hilariously roasting his co-star in the process. 

ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with the cast of Netflix's Me Time at the film's Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday night, with Hart explaining why he had to decline Wahlberg's offer to join him on the road for his comedy tour as Marky Mark. 

"He offered it and I said, 'Let's do it' and he put his stupid price tag in front of it that didn't make any sense," Hart says. "Yeah, he said, 'Kevin, I need $7 million for three songs.' That's what he did." 

Claiming to have not ruled out the option solely on price, Hart did have one more request. 

"I said, 'Are you going to do it in the Calvin Klein underwear?'" Hart jokes. "He said, 'No, I'm not coming out like that anymore.' That defeats the purpose. I'm paying the money, you know, you have to give the crowd the package of old, right? You have to give them the presentation of what once was. He didn't want to do it, so I told him to go f**k yourself." 

Lots of laughs were shared on the red carpet, with Wahlberg and Regina Hall teasing Hart prior to his arrival for being late.

"Kevin's late again," Wahlberg observes, to which Hall deadpans, "I'm surprised. Like, I'm so shocked. Do you think he's on the phone?" 

"I think he's asleep somewhere," Wahlberg quips. 

For Hall, the chance to work on Me Time with Hart and Wahlberg was nothing short of a "wild party." 

"I always have fun with Kevin and it was so great to work with Mark," she tells ET. "I didn't get to have all the exploits on this one, you know, I had to keep 'em sane."

In Me Time, Hart and Hall play a married couple with kids while Wahlberg is Hart's hard-partying friend. When Hall offers to take the couple's children away on spring break, stay-at-home dad Hart is left to accompany his old pal on an out-of-control birthday adventure. 

"It was just fun," Wahlberg gushes of the job, noting that it was a fun change of pace after completing a "kinda difficult action movie" amid the pandemic. 

"You see so many great performances in the film, from everybody who's in the film to really get their time and their moment," he says, gushing over John Hamburg's directing environment. "Which also shows Kevin as a producer, how gracious he is that he's really sharing the screen with everybody and, well, a lot of people stealing scenes from him." 

"Kevin is one of the funniest guys in the world," he notes, "but there is one talent that is above all -- and that is Regina. She is fantastic."

Me Time begins streaming Friday, Aug. 26 on Netflix.