Kevin Hart Sent a Video Message to Traci Braxton Before Her Death

Braxton died after a battle with cancer. She was 50.

Traci Braxton wanted to keep her battle with cancer private, but when Kevin Hart got wind about her health condition and that she was also a huge fan of his, the 42-year-old comedian sprung into action and sent Traci a touching and uplifting video.

Traci's famous sister, Toni Braxton, shared the 39-second video on Instagram in which Hart addresses Traci and says he's just being made aware how long of a fan of his she's been. "I just wanna take the time to give you that love back and tell you that you are loved in return for the love that you have given," Hart said. "And I wanna tell you that my prayers are with you. I wanna tell you to be strong. I wanna tell you to stay positive."

He added, "And I wanna tell you that you have an amazing family and support system around you that are doing their best to just try to keep you positive, uplift you in every way possible. I hope this video does that in some type of way."

Hart ended his message saying he's praying for Traci and "more importantly, my heart is smiling because of you."

Toni captioned her post saying, "a lot of people didn't know about Traci's illness b/c she preferred to keep it private, however special thanks to @kevinhart4real for taking the time to send her love and well wishes... you were her favorite. We really appreciate you."

The "Un-Break My Heart" singer posted the video on the day her mother, Evelyn Braxton, took to Instagram and paid a heartfelt tribute to her daughter.

"My dear sweet wonderful, incredible daughter, we slept in the same bed before she became so terminally ill all night talking while sharing so many secrets," Evelyn began her message, sharing Traci's faith that she would beat her illness as she "held on to her determination that she could be an example for someone else." 

"As I watched her every day her mind grew stronger & more determined. We prayed every day, we repeated Psalms 23 & Anointed our heads With oil," she continued. "Traci maintained Gods Peace, she never complained she just knew she was going to get through this didn’t matter how it looked. Life was hers and she was going to have it! I watch the weight drop off. I watched tears streaming down her face as she held onto her faith and her beliefs. She fought a good fight and held on until she could not hold on anymore. Only to realize that sometime healing is not on this side of God‘s kingdom but it lies on the other side in the bosom of God."

Traci died on Saturday after a battle with esophageal cancer. She was 50. Traci's husband, Kevin Surratt, told ET, "We have come to a time where we must inform the public that after a year of privately undergoing a series of treatment for esophageal cancer, our beloved Traci Braxton has gone on to glory."

A rep for the late singer told ET that Traci was surrounded by family and friends at the time of her death. Traci is survived by her husband and 26-year-old son, Kevin Surratt Jr.