Kevin Jonas Gets Caught on a Mic Stand Mid-Concert While Spinning Around Onstage

The incident happened mid-concert.

Kevin Jonas had an onstage mishap. During Jonas Brothers' Wednesday concert in New York City, the eldest sibling got twisted around a mic stand while performing.

The incident happened as Kevin was putting his all into the performance, jumping and turning in circles while rocking out on the guitar. He tripped, though, and went flying into a mic stand, which his guitar got caught on.

A TikTok user captured the hilarious moment and Kevin's response, as he stood up and looked up in confusion, appearing to wonder what just happened.

Joe Jonas reacted to the mishap with a TikTok of his own, smiling and nodding along to the video of his brother's near-fall as text reading "I love you Kevin Jonas" flashed onscreen.

The band's concert was one of five shows they're performing on Broadway, where they're focusing on one album a night. The exciting week-long stint will end Saturday with a focus on their upcoming album, The Album.

The group discussed their upcoming release during a Friday appearance on the Today show.

"I think this one does a good job of embodying kind of where we are as fathers, where we are as husbands and just brothers," Nick Jonas said of The Album. "We set out to just say, if you're gonna listen to any one of our albums, we think this is the album you should listen to. This is the one that is the most quintessential Jonas Brothers."

"I do think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we were younger to get it all right," Kevin added. "I think now we just kind of do what we need to do to have fun and continue making music that we love, and I think that's why it’s working."

The Album is due out May 12.