Kevin Jonas on Being a 'Protective' Dad and New Show 'Claim to Fame' With Brother Frankie (Exclusive)

Kevin and Frankie interviewed one another for ET, and talked about their new series.

Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas are gearing up to host a new reality series, and the pair are sitting down to get real with one another for ET.

Kevin and Frankie recently came together to interview each other about their new show, Claim to Fame, their careers and their lives together as brothers.

First and foremost, the brothers are helming a new reality series for ABC that features a slew of contestants trying to deduce each other's identities while keeping their own a secret. And the pair couldn't be more excited to be a part of it.

"It's a drama-filled competition reality show where there are 12 contestants who have secret relatives who are famous celebrities, and whoever keeps their identities secret wins $100,000," Frankie explained. "How you win is you go about keeping your secret identity from the rest of the people in the house, but many challenges and many different things might occur which could implicate you as to having a specific celebrity relative."

"What's so cool about it is the house that they're in, everything is art directed. What that means is every picture, every statue, every coaster could be a clue to someone's identity," Kevin chimed in. "So it's kind of like, who has the best poker face?"

"It's very murder mystery," Frankie added. "Minus the murder, but plus the mystery."

As for why Kevin and Frankie are the perfect hosts for the show, Frankie quipped, "I know they wanted ratings, so they brought me on board."

During their interview, the brothers also delved into some personal topics, including fatherhood.

"So, you are all girl dads," Frankie said of his older brothers -- all of whom have daughters now. "Which one of you will be the most protective when the girls grow up?"

"I can't really speak for them, I'm sure they're going to be however they're going to be with their daughters, but I can say for myself, I'm going to be protective," said Kevin, who shares two daughters -- Alena, 8, and Valentina, 5 -- with wife Danielle Jonas. "But I also know I'm going to have to let them go."

"It's going to be tough," Kevin admitted. "I was at a birthday party and Valentina let go of my hand and grabbed the hand of a friend and I died a little inside."

Hopefully, Kevin will get a chance to spend some time with his daughters watching his new reality competition series when Claim to Fame debuts June 11.



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