Kevin Jonas Talks Brothers Joe and Nick Becoming Dads, New Children's Book With Danielle (Exclusive)

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The Jonas family has a few more members to help them play their music! Kevin and Danielle Jonas are the veteran parents of the Jonas bunch, but they are happy to welcome everyone into the club.

“It’s so exciting, right?” the oldest Jonas Brother tells ET’s Rachel Smith. “We love it. It’s great. We love a growing family. Of course, it's really amazing for our girls to have others joining the team now.” 

“They love that,” Danielle adds about their two daughters, Alena, 8, and 5-year-old, Valentina.  

“We're the big cousins," Kevin adds about their girls’ excitement about the new additions. “It's all about that. We're just really happy that family's growing.”  

In January, Nick Jonas and his wife, Priyanka Chopra, shared that they had welcomed their first child. Joe Jonas and his wife, Sophie Turner, are parents to 1-year-old Willa, and are expecting baby number two

But Kevin and Danielle admit that their phone lines aren’t burning up with calls from the newest parents of the bunch. “I think everyone’s gonna do it their own way for sure,” Kevin says.  

“It’s interesting to see everybody's style too,” Danielle shares.

Kevin adds, “It’s so different. It’s so interesting we are so different.”  

When it comes to Kevin, Nick and Joe’s children rocking out, the “Leave Before You Love Me” singer says, never say never. “It's just gonna keep getting bigger,” Kevin says.  

In the meantime, Kevin and Danielle have been rocking out as authors. The happy couple released their first children’s book, There’s a Rock Concert in My Bedroom.

The story is about Emma, who signs up for the talent show eager to show off her singing skills. As it gets closer to showtime, her mom, dad and little sister have a rock concert in her bedroom to help her combat the nerves.  

“She's nervous to get onstage during the talent show and she forgets all the fun she had as a family and then they have to have the concert in the bedroom to remind them to not take it so seriously,” Kevin says of the book. “I think we all get in our own heads all the time and I think it's a cool story and something that everyone can relate with.”  

The story was inspired by their oldest daughter’s post-pandemic nerves. 

“Alena, especially with starting school and not being homeschooled because of the pandemic and all that, she's going through like these weird times where she gets nervous,” Danielle says. 

“Even starting with dance and stuff like that. She was really nervous about getting up onstage and we kinda had to have fun with her. Like, they would practice together in the foyer with her. So we kinda made it fun for her so she would get out of her head and not be as nervous. Then she ended up getting onstage and having fun with it.” 

For Kevin and Danielle, the book has not only helped their girls conquer their stage fright, it’s helped them find their voices as well.  

“Valentina was very timid, very shy,” Kevin says. “You know, this whole pandemic baby thing is real, right? Like, not being around that many kids for that long, her going to school now for the first time in person was kind of like, ‘whoa,’ but now we're seeing her come out of her shell so much.” 

Danielle adds, “It’s like with this book, I noticed that Alena will tell us that she's having an issue or she's nervous. Where Valentina’s the total opposite. She won't say it but you know that there's something going on. If you read something to them like this, or another book, I can ask her a question, like, 'Hey, do you ever feel this way?' and then she'll kind of talk about it. But if I come randomly to her and be like, 'Do you feel this or this?' She'll be like, 'No, Mom. What are you talking about?’” 

At the end of the day, just like any other aspect of their life, the story is about family. “ This is just a reminder of the family support system behind you and you're like, ‘Ah that relatable,’” Kevin says.  

There’s a Rock Concert in My Bedroom is available now. 


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