Kevin Smith Shares Selfie From Hospital After Suffering Massive Heart Attack

Getty Images for IMDB

The 'Clerks' director took to Twitter to share the scary news with his fans shortly after midnight on Monday: 'If I hadn’t canceled show 2 to go to the hospital, I would’ve died tonight.'

Kevin Smith is recovering in the hospital following a massive heart attack.

The 47-year-old actor-director took to Twitter shortly after midnight on Monday to update fans on his health.

"After the first show this evening, I had a massive heart attack. The Doctor who saved my life told me I had 100% blockage of my LAD artery (aka “the Widow-Maker”)," he wrote. "If I hadn’t canceled show 2 to go to the hospital, I would’ve died tonight. But for now, I’m still above ground!"

Smith was scheduled to shoot his new standup special in Glendale, California, on Sunday, but it appears from his tweet that he was only able to film one of two shows for the taping before he realized something was wrong. The night before, he was filming his live podcast, Hollywood Babble-On, with longtime friend and collaborator Ralph Garman at the Hollywood Improv.

Garman quickly took to Twitter to send his love to his friend, while Chris Pratt shared his own heartfelt message and prayers.

"Kevin we don’t know each other too good but I have loved you since Clerks and I’m praying my a** off for you cause I believe in the healing power of prayer. Can you please pray with me people!? ?♥️," the Guardians of the Galaxy star tweeted. "Praying for you. I will continue to. You inspired me with Clerks when I was a senior HS."

The Dogma director has struggled with his weight for years. He has openly discussed his health issues, even making a documentary in 2010 called Too Fat for 40 after he got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too heavy. Smith made major changes to his diet and overall health in 2014, namely cutting out sodas and juice after watching the anti-sugar documentary Fed Up, and eventually lost 85 pounds.

"Since I was a kid, it was always, 'eat what you want.' I was the third child, so by the time my parents got to me, man, they were f**king tired, so they were never, like, 'Eat your vegetables, Kevin.' So I just ate what I wanted, and -- I know how f**king stupid this sounds, man, but… -- I kind of thought, ‘Well, um, sugar comes out of the ground, so it can’t be too terrible for me, right?’ Which is just ridiculous, " Smith told Men's Health in 2015. "So then I watch this documentary [Fed Up] last year, and I was, like, ‘Oh, man, um, I really don’t wanna die -- and I’m already 44 years old.'"

Our thoughts and prayers are with Smith as he recuperates.