Khloe Kardashian Recalls Being in Delivery Room When Kylie Jenner Gave Birth


The Good American designer says she doesn't think 'it's smart to watch another person give birth when you're pregnant.'

Khloe Kardashian had a unique way of preparing to welcome her baby girl. 

In a post to her blog and app on Tuesday, the Good American designer opened up about watching her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, give birth to daughter Stormi, when Khloe was six months pregnant with her own baby. 

"I've been so lucky to be in the labor and delivery room for every one of my sisters' deliveries," Khloe wrote, calling Kylie's Feb. 1 delivery the "most significant" experience. 

"I was six months pregnant, so it was a lot more real because I knew I'd have to do that in three months," she explained. "You don't miss a beat when you know you have to do it soon!"

"But having said that ... I don't think it's smart to watch another person give birth when you're pregnant, LOL," Khloe added. 

In her blog post on Monday, the 33-year-old reality star -- who is expected to welcome her first child with Tristan Thompson in Cleveland, Ohio, any day now -- insisted that watching her sisters go through labor has removed her fear when it comes time to give birth herself. 

"I've seen over eight births live and in person. Women were made to do this!” Khloe said. “I read my apps every day and I ask my doctor if I have any questions.”

“Of course I'm a little nervous to go into labor, but I'm trying to not overthink something that literally happens all the time,” she expressed.

According to her sister, Kim Kardashian West, however, Khloe is pretty "freaked out" about becoming a first-time mom. In a recent interview with ET, Kim said she was the "real one" with Khloe about how everything's "going to go down." 

"You cannot tell her anything right now that's too sensitive because she's just so freaked out. So, I can't really get into the whole, like, nipples and breastfeeding thing," she quipped. "She's just going to have to figure that all out and slowly."

"It'll be fine. She knows," Kim noted. "She's seen all of us go through it. She's prepared, but I feel her and I are on a really good communication about everything. I know when to push it and when to... right now isn't a time to freak her out. The closer it gets, you can't freak someone out."

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