'Kids Say the Darndest Things' Is Returning to CBS With Host Tiffany Haddish

Kids Say the Darndest Things
Giovanni Rufino/ABC via Getty Images

While the show was on ABC for a season, it will now air on CBS where it originated.

Kids Say the Darndest Things is returning to the network where it originated. 

After airing for one season on ABC, the beloved show is coming back to CBS and will keep Tiffany Haddish as host of the revival. 

The comedian will interact with real kids from across the country in an honest, unpredictable and hilarious fashion. The youngsters featured on the show are all unrehearsed and have no filters as they share their opinions about the world the way they see it.

“I see my role as giving kids a safe environment where they can say anything they want with complete freedom and no judgment," Haddish says of hosting the program. "What I love about this show is that we let kids truly be themselves. I’m the straight man here, and that’s fine with me."

Mitch Graham, Senior Vice President, Alternative Programming, CBS Entertainment, agrees, adding, "Few things have more universal appeal and humor than the unfiltered honesty of a child, and the comedic genius of Tiffany Haddish takes that to the next level. It’s great to have Kids Say back on CBS and part of our expanding alternative slate for 2021."

Kids Say the Darndest Things was derived in 1945 from a segment on Art Linkletter's CBS Radio show House Party. In 1952 through 1969, House Party aired on CBS. Then from 1995 to 2000, Kids Say the Darndest Things became its own show that was hosted by Bill Cosby.