Kim Cattrall Says She Loves 'SATC's Samantha 'So Much,' Which Is Why She Won't Play Her Again (Exclusive)

The actress spoke with ET on Thursday at Variety's 2022 Power Of Women event in NYC.

Kim Cattrall has a lot of love for Samantha Jones -- which is why she is committed to letting her live on in memory and not reprise the Sex and the City character in the future.

Cattrall walked the red carpet at Variety's 2022 Power of Women event at The Glasshouse in New York City on Thursday, where she spoke with ET and shared a message for SATC fans who were disappointed that she won't be playing Samantha in future seasons of And Just Like That.

"I think the character of Samantha was awakened 25 years ago and she will live forever," Cattrall reflected. "She's your best friend, and she's someone who will tell you the truth. Because she's been there and done that."

"I love her so much," she added of the celebrated and groundbreaking character. "But she lives in a time and a place, and I honor that."

Inside the event, Cattrall, who was one of the women being honored, was introduced by her longtime friend and Sex and the City creator, Darren Star, who swapped out his prepared speech with a letter he said he received for Cattrall from her SATC character, Samantha.

"Kim, I'm a big fan, but I've got some questions for you," the letter began. "First of all, why do you live on Vancouver Island? It's beautiful, but if you're gonna live on an island, what about Manhattan? So many more eligible men. Ok, I understand you're in a wonderful relationship, but I always say, 'Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu.' And you're a sex symbol for god's sake -- capitalize on it."

The letter continued with Samantha listing a few of Cattrall's latest accolades: "You spent a lot of these years doing theater, Private Lives on Broadway, Sweet Bird of Youth at the Old Vic, Whose Life Is It Anyway on the West End, The Cryptogram at the Donmar Warehouse. Very impressive, but have you really worked so hard all these years to work in a warehouse? I'm glad you got to star in and produce your own series, Sensitive Skin, for HBO Canada, which got nominated for a lot of fabulous awards."

Darren Star and Kim Cattrall attend Variety's 2022 Power Of Women: New York event at The Glasshouse on May 05, 2022 in New York City. - Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Variety

Samantha's signature sarcastic quips aside, the letter also praised Cattrall's character and her "big heart," exemplified by some of her philanthropic achievements, like becoming the face of the ASPCA.

"And Kim, I do admire your big heart," Star went on to read. "When Darren Star, who by the way, I am also very close with -- anyway, when he asked you to become the face of the ASPCA, you didn't hesitate to say yes, but of course that's also because you love animals, having rescued and nurtured a number of dogs in your time -- something I appreciate, but personally, could never do. And your support for The Actor's Fund -- especially during the COVID crisis -- is definitely to be applauded."

In receiving the honor, Cattrall took the moment to share how important the word "no" has been in both her personal and professional life, as referenced in her decision to walk away from the SATC franchise when it no longer suit her.

"Saying no to the past is saying yes to your future," Cattrall said in her speech. "Because, ultimately, you are the screenwriter in the movie of your own life."

The concept is something Cattrall explained to ET earlier in the evening, adding that listening to your instincts and saying no to things you think aren't a good match for you, can be vital and empowering.

"It's a daily struggle in our world. I think that listening to your instincts and what is right for you, it's been a wonderful guide for me, not just in my career but in my life as a woman," Cattrall shared. "I have to get in touch with what's right with me."

Cattrall recently spoke with Variety in depth about her decision not to play Samantha when a third Sex and the City movie was suggested several years ago, and how she found out about And Just Like That... through press announcements like the rest of the world.

While she has no plans to reprise her role of Samantha, she does have quite a few projects on her plate, including Hulu's How I Met Your Father, and a reboot of Queer as Folk for Peacock, which premieres June 9.