Kim Fields Talks Likelihood of a 'Living Single' Reboot (Exclusive)

The actress-director tells ET that she's still in contact with her sitcom co-stars.

It's been 22 years since Living Single aired its final episode, but Kim Fields still keeps in touch with all six of her co-stars.

"We have a text thread, just the six of us. And then we have a text thread, the six of us and [show creator] Yvette [Lee Bowser]," Fields, who played Regina "Regine" Hunter on the sitcom, told ET's Nischelle Turner, noting that the cast has talked about a possible reunion.

"We keep saying the [text] thread really just needs to be the reboot," she quipped.

But while TV reunions and reboots are all the rage right now, Fields isn't confident that everyone's schedules would allow them to put something like this together. "First of all, amen that everybody is busy," she said. "Everybody's been very, very busy."

Fields also gave another reason why a Living Single reboot isn't likely to happen. "We recognize how valued the show is -- not was, but is," she explained. "You can't just run up and say, 'Well, let's just show where they would be now 20 years later, whatever it is, you know. It really is strategic and in creatively scientific terms of what these characters would be now and who they would be and what they would be. And what have they been through, and, you know, all of that."

"It's one of those where the perfect storm that happened in the '90s that put us together at that time and for Yvette," she said in praise of the show, which ran for five seasons from 1993 to 1998 on Fox. 

Fields is just as busy as her co-stars, as she is set to premiere her 20-minute short film, Baby Blue, on BET. The short is about a first-time mother who after giving birth to her son, spirals from mild postpartum depression into severe postpartum psychosis.

Fields chose to make this film because she felt postpartum depression wasn't something that was being talked about enough, especially in the Black community. 

"I've certainly known women who have had various rides on the emotional roller coaster during that time and to be able to talk about it, to be able to have a really, really authentic sense of transparency, not just about this, but your overall mental health," Fields said of her mission with this movie. 

As for how they filmed the short during the coronavirus pandemic, Fields explained, "Everyone had to get their temperature taken, you had to mask up the entire time, hand sanitizing, washing the entire time. Social distancing was interesting when you are on a crew or just on a set and everybody's right there. So making that adjustment was something that you definitely had to be very present for and keep all that in mind. But once you kind of get the hang of it, then it honestly does become second nature."

She added, "Everybody had to be tested before you even showed up to set. ...So that there was definitely a comfort level there with the actors."

Baby Blue, starring Shaquita Smith and Traci Braxton, premieres Saturday, July 25, on BET as part of Her Stories