Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are 'Still Having Difficulties' In Their Marriage, Source Says

A source tells ET that they are 'doing their best,' but having a tough time in their marriage.

There's still trouble in paradise. Despite reconciling after a reported rough patch earlier this year, it appears Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West still have issues they are trying to work through.

A source tells ET that Kardashian and West are still having their difficulties, like any couple, but they are both doing their best.

"Kim is exhausted from continually trying but keeps their vows in mind when making any pertinent decisions. And Kanye is working on his psychological health and mental state," the source says. "The family and Kanye are still in contact and everyone wants the best for Kanye, Kim, their kids and the rest of the family."

The source says that Kardashian feels West "needs to work on himself before he can work on the well-being of anyone else."

"Kim’s family will support her in any decision she makes, but she feels that the most important thing to recognize before making any choice is realizing what’s best for the kids, herself, Kanye and the rest of the family, essentially in that order," the source shares. 

It has been a tumultuous year for the couple. Before West's controversial and unsuccessful run for president came to an end in November, the pair were already working on building up their relationship after having a very public fallout back in July.

A source told ET in October that the two are "in a great place."

"The couple has been spending a lot of quality time together with their kids and family," the source said at the time. "They've been trying to spend time in places that are slower or more calm like Colorado so they can enjoy their time without worrying about paparazzi or fans interrupting."

"The couple knows they have to work on things, but they’re putting in the effort, all while busy with their own work and continuing to grow their brands," the source added.

See the video below for more on the couple's relationship.



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