Kim Kardashian Enjoys Ice Cream and a Few Slices of NY Pizza Before Diet: 'This Was So Worth It!'

Sister Khloe and BFF Jonathan Cheban join her on her epic last meal journey.

Kim Kardashian West already has a smoking hot bod, but the reality TV queen is not one to sit around for very long!

In an effort to get the perfect figure, Kim is embarking on a new diet and workout plan, but she wants to have some fun before she starts.

On Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim says, “If I could have one last meal, it would be New York pizza.”

Citing the need for “closure," BFF Jonathan Cheban explains that before she starts any sort of new diet, she needs to have one last “food god” hurrah. “I’m so down,” Kim replies. “But, let’s not go crazy.” 

The pair, along with sister Khloe Kardashian, set out into the streets of Manhattan looking for the perfect slice. Before they tuck into their pizza, Khloe jokes, “I need some air on. I’m literally like one of those fat kids that sweat when they get excited.” 

When the first piece of pizza fails to deliver the satisfaction Kim is looking for, she insists the group make another stop at a different pizza place, so she can get her fix. 

As for her ability to stick to such a huge lifestyle change, Cheban isn’t too confident in his confidant. "I’ll see her at Cipriani. She cannot resist that pasta,” he quips.

After scarfing down the slices, Kim mentions she could really go for something sweet. Magically, the trio finds themselves driving past a Mister Softee truck.

While smiling over her giant ice cream cone, Kim exclaims, “This was so worth it!”