Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Hilarious Interview With Jennifer Lawrence: We Just Winged It (Exclusive)

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Kim Kardashian West put her life in Jennifer Lawrence's hands. 

The 37-year-old reality star was grilled with "personal questions" by Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month, but she didn't mind. According to Kardashian West, she preferred to know nothing about what Lawrence would ask before stepping out onstage. 
"She started to text me, like, 'Hey, with the interview, should we do this?' And I said, 'Honestly, don't ask me anything. I trust you. Let's just wing it... Whatever you want to ask, I don't care. You have full rein to ask me anything,'" Kardashian West told ET's Keltie Knight during an exclusive interview promoting her new fragrance, KKW Crystal Gardenia, last week. "She was like, 'OK. Got it.'"
Lawrence definitely took advantage of having "full rein." The Oscar winner asked Kardashian West everything from intimate details about her relationship with Kanye West, what she thinks of Blac Chyna and about her last conversation with O.J. Simpson. 

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"I love interviews like that," Kardashian West revealed. "I have never gotten a better response from people that maybe wanted to know those things... They are like, 'These are the types of questions we wanted to hear,' so I loved it." 

While Lawrence definitely covered a lot of material, Kardashian West is set to give us much more to talk about as she and her family have signed up for five more years of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

"That's crazy," the mother of two expressed. "I think I started when I was, like, 27. I mean, it's so much fun. I just think we're definitely a close family, like, more than normal. But having a show where we have to work together, we have to be together, I think it just brings us closer. I'm still having so much fun doing it, so I'm not ready to stop." 

Kardashian West joked that her kids, nieces and nephews could have their own spinoff titled Keeping Up With More Kardashians -- but she's not exactly excited about following in Kris Jenner's momager footsteps. 

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"I'm [a crisis manager] for all my sisters and my brother," she confessed. "I kind of have surpassed [Jenner] on that part. She comes to me when she needs to put out fires... [but] I just pray that my mom doesn't retire and my sisters don't need a manager when she retires because I am exhausted." 

"[I organized the Christmas card this year] and I'll never do it again. Just to wrangle ever single family member was so exhausting. I thought it would be really easy. It was really tough. But it'll be a good one this year, I think our best yet," she added, revealing that there was "major drama" while shooting the card with everyone including her grandma, MJ, the day before. 

"It definitely gave me a little bit of anxiety with all the kids running around just thinking, 'Holy sh*t. How am I going to do three kids?' I'm really freaking out," she admitted. "It was kind of a freak-out moment for me."

One thing Kardashian West isn't worried about is her business. The reality star, who recently shot the cover of WWD, also launched the app ScreenShop, which allows fans to screenshot looks they like and shop for similar styles online. It's a great idea-- and Kardashian West has a lot more of them.

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"There are a couple app ideas [I have]. In the tech space there's room, because I just love that and I think that is endless," she said. "I love just building my brands. You know, KKW Beauty, my new fragrance Crystal Gardenia, I'm really excited about, and I love doing my kids line."

"That's so much fun for me, being able to design all my kids' clothes," she shared. "That's really all I want to focus on."

See more on Kardashian West in the video below.