Kim Kardashian Randomly Finds a Lobster Walking Down Her Street -- and Now It Has Its Own Twitter

The reality star's fans joked about the crustacean's social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Thanks to social distancing, it only took a couple hours for the Calabasas Lobster to get its own Twitter account. 

What's the Calabasas Lobster? Well, it's the lobster (or crayfish, as some fans have suggested) Kim Kardashian West randomly found walking down the street in front of her house on Monday. "Just confused how a lobster is walking on my street in Calabasas! What is happening?!?!?!" Kim posted on Twitter on Monday afternoon, alongside video proof of the crustacean. 

Fans couldn't get enough of the video, with many joking the creature was just trying to quarantine itself amid the coronavirus pandemic. "He's trying to escape the virus Kim have some respect," one fan wrote. 

Another commented, "He just tryna save himself." 

Soon after, the crustacean started joining the conversation on Twitter. "Wtf I think I just passed Kim K’s house," the Calabasas Lobster wrote. 

"1,000 likes and I’ll bite Kanye," the lobster hilariously added in another tweet. 

The Kardashian family, like many others, are doing what they can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, after it was officially declared a pandemic last week. 

See more in the video below.