Kimberly Williams-Paisley on Possible Plans for 'Father of the Bride 3' (Exclusive)

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Kimberly Williams-Paisley is all in for a Father of the Bride 3-- if and when it gets the green light. 

ET's Katie Krause caught up with the 46-year-old actress at Hallmark Channel's Summer Television Critics Association party on Thursday, where she opened up about rumors that another sequel was in the works. 

"This is a rumor that comes around, like, every month and it's so funny. I'll get very specific emails or tweets  from people saying, 'Oh, you're gonna be shooting in my hometown,' and it's, like, Idaho," she said with a laugh. "So the rumor circulates... I would love it, but I don't know of any specific plans."

Williams-Paisley said she hasn't read a script for the movie, but she has heard of an idea -- and she's keeping it close to the vest. "I don't know if I'm at liberty to say," she teased. "I definitely think Annie Banks needs to be in it." 

"I mean, there could be new brides or grooms, but yeah, it's such a beautiful, classic movie, and people still talk to me about the movie every day," she added. "So it'd be fun." 

It's been over 25 years since Williams-Paisley first starred alongside Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in the 1991 film. She since married country star Brad Paisley, with whom she shares two kids, Huck and Jasper, though she says her boys have yet to see the movie. 

"It's funny, my husband just ran into Steve Martin the other day, and he has a daughter, so we talked about maybe trying to get our kids together, which would be such a trip, but my kids have not seen it," she shared. "There's one line about a condom, and I think that's what's keeping me from showing the movie to my kids." 

"I think it's probably fine, but also, they're not that interested in weddings," she reasoned. 

For now, Williams-Paisley is working on the third installment of Hallmark's Darrow & Darrow -- which has her sons' full attention. "They love being on set and calling action, and they see the edits, because I'm producing," she said. "They'll give their notes." 

"I love that they can see what happens. We go from casting to shooting to editing the music. They pay so much attention to how it sounds and the score. They're really interested in it," Williams-Paisley revealed. 

As for her marriage to Paisley after 15 years, that couldn't be stronger. "I think it's keeping a sense of humor, being able to laugh at ourselves and each other. Of course, I always laugh at Brad," she dished on the secret to their lasting relationship. "I think after 15 years, you let a lot of stuff kind of roll off your back and be adaptable." 

Williams-Paisley opened up more to ET about Father of the Bridein 2016. Watch below. 


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