King Charles' Former Butler Addresses Myths About Him (Exclusive)

King Charles

Grant Harrold dispelled several "strange" stories he's heard about the new monarch.

King Charles III's former butler is speaking out. In an interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, Grant Harrold, the new monarch's former butler, reacted to the "strange" stories that have surfaced about the king in the wake of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II's, death.

"Somebody said to me, 'Oh did you have to carry the loo toilet seat around?' And I said, 'What toilet seat?' I've never heard of this," Harrold said of one story he heard, before weighing in the rumor that Charles likes his shoelaces to be ironed.

"Why would you even iron shoe laces? It doesn't even make sense," he said. "... It's completely made up and I don't know where these comments come from. I don't know why they're saying them. I don't know what they're trying to achieve from it, because it's just silly. It's just sad that people want to kind of [focus on] things like that."

What Harrold thinks people should focus on is what kind of person Charles is and what kind of king he will be.

"He's an amazing man. He's like his mother. He's funny, he's witty, he's about tradition," Harrold said. "... I think he will be a good king, personally, because I've seen what he's like as a person."

"The problem he's got is everybody loved the Queen, even if you didn't like the monarchy, everybody loves the Queen," he acknowledged. "... I think he's got a quite difficult upcoming couple of years, people watching what he does, how he does it, what changes he makes."

Harrold predicted that the coming weeks are "going to be difficult" for Queen Consort Camilla too.

"She's a lovely lady. She's a really nice lady, she's a hard worker, she's also family-oriented. I think it's going to be difficult to do, but I think she will do it well," he said, before praising Charles and Camilla's relationship.

"She's very good with him," Harrold said. "They're a team. They're an absolute team. They are best friends."

The challenges Charles and Camilla are about to face are largely due to the fact that Queen Elizabeth was so beloved.

"She was a wonderful person... She was just so down to earth, fun, amazing sense of humor," Harrold said, before sharing a personal story about his experience with the late monarch.

"I remember once, walking along a corridor with her, suddenly she started running along the corridor to get into the other room... I did a kind of trot thing trying to keep up [with her], but not overtaking her. We got into the room and she stood behind this chair and looked at me and smiled and kind of winked," he said. "I remember thinking, 'Was that just a bit of a fun thing we just did?' That's the first time I felt, wow, this lady has got a really wicked sense of humor."

On top of her sense of humor, Harrold admired the Queen for her "amazing relationship with her kids, her grandkids." Because of that fact, Harrold is made "sad" by the fact that the monarch died before the rift between Prince William and Prince Harry was "fully resolved."

"I can't understand how it became that bad, because the two of them used to talk all day... I think recently, with any positive parts with the Queen['s death] is the fact that we saw them doing stuff together," he said. "... It's almost like a reset button."