'Kissing Booth 2' Co-Stars Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez Go on Vacation Together: Pics

Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez
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The Kissing Booth 2 co-stars Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez are spending some quality time together off-camera.

On Sunday, 28-year-old Perez drove the Netflix film's fans into a frenzy when he shared photos from a picturesque getaway with a group that included 21-year-old King. One snap included the two smiling big while swimming in front of a waterfall, and another showed the pair making funny faces at the camera and looking cozy in their pajamas. In the caption, Perez noted that all members of the group tested negative for the coronavirus before taking the trip together.

Not surprisingly, the cute photos had those fans wishing King and Perez's Kissing Booth 2 characters -- Elle and Marco, respectively -- got together in both the film and in real-life pretty excited.

Prior to their outing, Perez shared a sweet birthday tribute to King on Instagram. The photo featured the two hanging out on the beach and sticking their tongues out at one another.

"Happy Friggen Birthday @joeyking," he wrote. "Honestly I could write about this woman all day. She is the reason I joined the KB2 family, she welcomed me with open arms and love, she supported me, she pushed me, she made me laugh (like pee my pants laughter and had to check my underwear), she inspired me to be a bettter actor, she shared her family with me, THE LIST GOES ON. Grateful for you forever. #tbt."

King replied, "Can’t imagine my life without you. I heart you T."

Perez also left a flirty comment on King's recent Instagram post of herself rocking a blue bikini and a tiara on the beach for her 21st birthday.

"HOLY $h!t," he commented.

On Monday, Perez shared a picture of himself dancing with King and wrote, "Team Marco ???"

The Kissing Booth 2 ended on a cliffhanger. While Elle ultimately chose her boyfriend, Noah (Jacob Elordi), after sharing a kiss with Marco, Marco made it clear that he wasn't giving up on her. Both The Kissing Booth and its sequel were big hits on Netflix, and the streaming company announced late last month that a third film in the popular teen rom-com franchise will be dropping in 2021.

ET spoke with the cast last month about The Kissing Booth 2's ending, which ended in part with Marco telling one of his friends that Elle is "worth it," despite her decision to continue her relationship with Noah.

"I feel like if you get told no, you should take the no, you know?" Elordi said. "Take the L man, give up. Like, leave her alone, you know?"

Meanwhile, King noted of her character, "I think that she went through this up and down roller coaster with Noah and his life at Harvard, and then this person comes in who's a pillar of strength to her with emotions and a personal life. Things get confusing."

"Just like Elle says in the trailer, she always thought they were [endgame], but things change, things happen, and I don't know where their story will take them," she added.

As for Perez, he shared with ET, "I felt like it was the perfect ending to the beginning of a third film. ... We need justice for Marco."

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