'Kissing Booth 3': Joey King Reveals If She Thinks Elle and Noah Have a Future (Exclusive)

The third and finale installment in Netflix's franchise is out now.

Joey King is letting fans decide if Elle and Noah end up together. ET's Matt Cohen spoke to the 22-year-old actress about the third and final installment in Netflix's Kissing Booth franchise, which ended with a six-year flash forward that left open the possibility of Elle and Noah (Jacob Elordi) rekindling their romance.

"I don't know," King said of if her and Elordi's characters end up together. "I don't want to put my view on it too heavily, because I want everyone to be able to paint their own picture, but I think that these characters, Elle and Noah, have gone through so much. They always have this flutter in their heart for each other."

"Regardless of what the ending is, or may be, or what could be, I never think they will lose that," she continued. "If they don't or if they do wind up together."

Joel Courtney, meanwhile, was thrilled where the time jump left Elle and Noah, as well as the fact that it put his character, Lee, back together with and engaged to his high school girlfriend, Rachel (Meganne Young). 

"It's just awesome. I love the time jump," he said. "I was actually surprised by it, too. I loved it."

Like King, Elordi told ET that he's "not sure" if Noah and Elle get back together, but said that he was pleased with the franchise's ending overall.

"I think it's nice to see that kind of well-rounded ending and see where they end up," he said. "It's less ambiguous and you kind of gage an idea of where it's going and what happens."

"It was actually really fun," Courtney agreed. "[The] press, they'll always ask you a question like, 'Where do you see your character in five or 10 years?' And this movie answers that, so I didn't have to think about that."

King agreed that the third film "wrapped up so perfectly," a fact she credits to the franchise's writer and director, Vince Marcello.

"It is so hard when you have a third movie, because you want to give the fans what they want without just closing the book," she said. "You want to give it a little spice, a little flavor... We had so much fun just creating an ending for these characters and also hoping that our fans can kind of guess where things go later."

Now that the movie is officially out on Netflix, King admitted that "it's so crazy to be saying goodbye to these movies that have just changed my life." 

"It is emotional, it is sad, it is happy, it is everything. I can't believe it is over and I can't believe it happened," she said. "... I have made so many wonderful friends from being in these movies, the cast, the crew. Going on this journey, we had no idea what a success it was going to be and the reach we would have. The global reach that we have had with these movies blows my mind."

"Knowing that these movies are just as special to so many people as they are to me, nothing feels better than that," King continued. "You work so hard on something and you hope that people love it, and that people watch it, and when they do that is a really good feeling."

When fans watch the movie, King said, she wants them to understand the importance of "taking time to make decisions for yourself and not just making decisions for other people."

"I also just hope that they just enjoyed laughing with us," she added. "We just laughed so much making these movies, doing them, watching them, and I have had some of the best memories of my life on these sets. I hope fans can feel that as much as I loved making it for them."

When it comes to what Courtney would like fans to take away from the flick, he told ET, "I think the message coming out of this movie would definitely be, listen, love, and just be patient and communicate as best you can."

Elordi, meanwhile, hopes fans enjoy the third films "as they've enjoyed the other ones."

"I think that's such an important part of this," he said. "I just hope that they just have fun. I hope that it gives 'em two hours of break from the real world."

The Kissing Booth 3 is now streaming on Netflix.