'Kissing Booth' Cast on a Possible 4th Film and What They'd Want to See (Exclusive)

The Netflix franchise's third flick is now streaming.

The cast of Kissing Booth 3 is looking ahead to their characters' futures. ET's Matt Cohen spoke to Joey King, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi about the third and final film in the Netflix franchise, and they revealed what they'd like to see from a potential fourth flick.

The third installment ended with a six-year time jump, where a potential renewed romance is teased between Elle (King), a successful video game designer, and Noah (Elordi), who's busy fielding multiple job offers. Meanwhile, after their high school breakup, Lee (Courtney) and Rachel (Meganne Young), are seen happily back together as an engaged pair.

Where the characters go from there is anyone's guess, but King said she'd like to see them all reunite in their 40s.

"I want to see Elle in her 40s. I want to see what she is up to. I want to see what she is like... I always think she will be fun and cool and I just want to see if we are right," she said. "I personally want kids, so I think if Elle has kids, I think that her and these kids are best friends. That is what I am thinking."

Courtney had a similar idea, telling ET that he thinks "a cool continuation if it were to ever happen would be when they are parents."

"They have kids and [are] kind of doing the similar thing to Molly Ringwald in this movie, where she's passing down wisdom to the younger generation," Courtney said of the actress who plays his and Elordi's mom in the franchise. "How do Lee and Rachel give advice and wisdom to their children? What's going on with Elle's life? How does Noah fit being a father? Or is he the cool bachelor uncle who doesn't have kids yet? I think that would be an interesting thing."

Meanwhile, Elordi wants to jump even further into the future than that.

"I'd like to see them all in a nursing home together. That would be cool. That would be quite interesting," he said. "Maybe it's like the film is a series of monologues of them recounting everything that happened from 20 to 92."

As for if a reunion of any sort is possible, Courtney said that he believes it could be.

"These characters are definitely dynamic enough [to do another movie]. I feel like you could pick up with them in the future," he said. "The way [writer/director] Vince [Marcello] wrote these human beings with issues, with struggles, with growth, you could really just pick up with them at anytime. Whether we will do that I have no idea, but that's something to look forward to and think about for the future."

If a fourth movie isn't in the cards, the cast is pleased with how things ended.

"I think that these movies wrapped up so perfectly," King said. "I credit so much to Vince Marcello, our writer/director who just hit it out of the park. It is so hard when you have a third movie, because you want to give the fans what they want without just closing the book. You want to give it a little spice, a little flavor."

"I think we had so much fun just creating an ending for these characters and also hoping that our fans can kind of guess where things go later," she added.

Courtney agreed, telling ET that the time jump "was actually really fun."

"[The] press, they'll always ask you a question like, 'Where do you see your character in like five or 10 years?'  And this movie answers that, so I didn't have to think about that," he said. "It's just awesome. I love the time jump. I was actually surprised by it, too. I loved it."

Likewise, Elordi was a fan of how things came to a close.

"I think it's nice to see that kind of well-rounded ending and see where they end up," he said. "It's less ambiguous and you kind of gage an idea of where it's going and what happens."

As for what they hope fans take away from the flick, Elordi told ET, "I hope they enjoy it as much as they've enjoyed the other ones."

"I think that's such an important part of this," he said. "I just hope that they just have fun. I hope that it gives 'em two hours of break from the real world."

Courtney, meanwhile, hoped fans took a lesson from it all, telling ET, "I think the message coming out of this movie would definitely be listen, love and just be patient and communicate as best you can."

For King, she hoped both fun and lessons made their way to the audience.

"I hope they take away of course the messages of taking time to make decisions for yourself and not just making decisions for other people," she said. "I also just hope that they just enjoyed laughing with us. We just laughed so much making these movies, doing them, watching them, and I have had some of the best memories of my life on these sets. I hope fans can feel that as much as I loved making it for them."

Now that the third and final movie is out, King admitted that "it's so crazy to be saying goodbye to these movies that have just changed my life."

"It is emotional, it is sad, it is happy, it is everything," she said. "I can't believe it is over and I can't believe it happened."

The Kissing Booth 3 is now streaming on Netflix.