Kris Jenner Keeping Khloe Kardashian's 'Spirits High' Amid Cheating Scandal (Exclusive)

The concerned mother doesn't want her daughter to be alone after giving birth and weathering a very public cheating scandal, a source tells ET.

Khloe Kardashian is managing being a first-time mom and weathering a "devastating" public cheating scandal with boyfriend Tristan Thompson thanks to some serious help from mom, a source tells ET.

Kris Jenner has been Khloe's rock throughout the whole ordeal, the source close to Khloe tells ET.

"Khloe needs her mom more than ever now," the source says. "Everyone has always seen Khloe as the strongest sister, but in light of the new baby and the timing of Tristan's cheating scandal, having her mom by her side has been so essential in keeping her spirits high. Khloe and Kris are spending true bonding time with the new baby. Kris is teaching Khloe the ropes when it comes to breastfeeding."

"People always hear of the drama that goes on in the Kardashian family but Khloe and her mother have spent some wonderful moments together despite the recent news," the source adds.

Previously, a source told ET that the entire family has been reeling ever since media reports alleging that Thompson was cheating on Khloe came to light while she was preparing to give birth. Those media reports included videos showing him getting cozy with a woman at a Manhattan bar and another showing him apparently kissing a woman at a Washington, D.C., hookah bar in 2017.

Through it all, Khloe has apparently remained strong. A source previously told ET that she is "100 percent committed to moving past this" cheating scandal and instead focusing on their newborn baby girl.

Still, our source tells ET that Jenner isn't leaving anything to chance -- particularly after most of her family headed Coachella the day after she gave birth.

"Kris doesn't want Khloe to be on her own at this time," the source says. "Everyone in the family wants to make sure Khloe will always have someone with her at all times. They have no plans to leave her alone." 

Khloe remains in Cleveland where she gave birth, but she hopes to reunite with her family in Los Angeles as soon as she can.

"Khloe realizes that everyone has their own busy lives," the source says. "And now that she has plans to return back to L.A. as soon as she can, her sisters will be by her side at home."

For more on Khloe's plans to return to L.A., watch the video below.

-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz



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