Kris Jenner Offers to Take Kendall Jenner to Hospital After Receiving Worrisome Phone Call

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Kris Jenner is sometimes perceived as all business, but her kids come first. 

In a preview for Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the 62-year-old momager is in a meeting when she receives a concerning call from her daughter, Kendall Jenner.

"This is why she has psoriasis," Kim Kardashian West says of her mother. "Every kid has an emergency, every day."

While on the phone with Kendall and clearly worried, Kris asks, "Have you eaten something? Do you want me to come take you to the hospital? OK, I'm going to come get you, where are you?"

Kendall responds, "Literally, two seconds from dad's house."

When Kris gets off the phone with the 22-year-old model, she tells Kim, "She doesn't feel well, and she's not quite sure what it is."

During an on-camera interview, the mother of six opens up about Kendall's anxiety. "I think she has so much going on that she gets herself really worked up," she notes. "Kendall gets the most anxious during fashion weeks and when she's traveling a lot. ...Trying to juggle it all is overwhelming."

Kendall recently opened up about her anxiety in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar.

"I have such debilitating anxiety because of everything going on that I literally wake up in the middle of the night with full-on panic attacks," she confided. "Where do I even start? Everything is so horrible, it’s hard to name one thing. I just think that the world needs so much love. I wish I had the power to send Cupid around the planet, as cheesy as that sounds."

Kendall added, "You go online and you see everyone saying the worst things to each other, and it’s hard to stay positive. It’s hard not to get eaten alive by all the negativity."


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