Kristen Bell Says Daughter Delta's Name Is a 'Big Bummer' Amid Latest COVID-19 Variant

The actress opened up about the unfortunate coincidence of her daughter's name and the latest strain of the COVID-19 virus.

Kristen Bell is opening up about the unfortunate coincidence of her daughter sharing the same name as the latest strain of the COVID-19 virus. In a new episode of her podcast, We Are Supported By…, the 41-year-old actress spoke with co-host Monica Padman about how she feels about her daughter, Delta, 6, being Delta during a moment where this new particular variant of coronavirus is on the rise.

"It's a big, big bummer," Bell said. "But I'm really hoping that the Delta variant won't be as strong as the original COVID and people will still say corona. I mean, it's a bummer for Corona, the beer company."

The Frozen star said Delta is still too young to really be bothered by it. In fact, her daughter gets pretty excited every time she hears her name mentioned on TV or in conversation.

"She's 6 so she's impressed every time she sees a Delta Airlines ad or anything," she continued. "She's like 'Oh my gosh, my name!' So every time she hears anyone talk about the variant, she's like 'my name!' So she's still excited about it."

The actress then joked that maybe this situation would humble her daughter a bit.

"Maybe it's a good thing, because her life's really easy, because she's privileged and she's got a little charisma," Bell joked. "She's a little ball of magic and she gets away with everything because of that, so she can either give you puppy dog eyes or make you laugh and because of that her life is too easy."

"So maybe she does need this to follow her around forever," she added.

Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, are also parents to 8-year-old daughter Lincoln. 

While the pair don't share their daughters' faces on social media, they do share lots of family moments online. Earlier this month, Shepard shared an adorable video of himself and one of his two daughters sitting in the front seat of their RV belting out Adele's 2015 song, "Hello."

The pair gives the car performance their all, despite not hitting all of the notes. 

"Heaven is a place on a twisty two lane mountain pass where screaming @adele with your daughter is required," Shepard captioned the post.