Kristin Cavallari's Relationship With Jeff Dye 'Fizzling Out,' Source Says

The Uncommon James founder is focusing on her business and children, admitting that a serious relationship was never top of mind.

It looks like it may be over for Kristin Cavallari and Jeff Dye. A source tells ET that "Kristin and Jeff's relationship has been fizzling out," adding that "Kristin wasn't ever looking for anything serious."

While Cavallari had a great time with the comedian, a long-term relationship isn't something she has on her radar right now.

"She enjoyed Jeff's company and he made her laugh, which she loved, but she never really saw anything long-term happening between them, especially with co-parenting being such a new thing for her right now. She's focusing on the growth of her business and her kids. A serious relationship was never top of mind, at least for right now," the source says.

John Shearer, Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Before things started to fizzle out, a source told ET that the mother of three wasn't looking to jump into anything too quickly. 

"Kristin isn't quite ready to completely dive in, and they still have a lot of growing to do as a couple," the source said of Cavallari and Dye at the time. "[They] aren't in any rush to jump into a super serious relationship with each other at this time." 

Cavallari, 34, split from her estranged husband, Jay Cutler, last April.

As for how Cutler has been handling his ex dating, the source said that the former spouses are on "good terms, mostly for the sake of the kids." 

"Jay wants Kristin to be happy, and Kristin and Jay getting back together is off the table at this point. Kristin also wants Jay to be happy and to do what's best for him, just as she believes he wants for her," the source said. "She isn't bothered that he is dating around and having fun."

For more on how Cavallari is dealing with the divorce, watch the clip below.