Kron Moore on How Tyler Perry Is Turning 'The Oval' Set Into 'Camp Quarantine' to Film Again (Exclusive)

The actress shares how Perry is ensuring cast and crew safety amid COVID-19 concerns.

As people begin to head back to TV and movie sets, there are new guidelines being implemented amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One production that is gearing up to resume filming is Tyler Perry's The Oval. Kron Moore told ET's Rachel Smith about how Perry made his own 30-page set of guidelines for when people return to "camp quarantine" at his Atlanta studio in July.

The Oval is part of Tyler Perry Studios and one of the first shows that is going to resume production amid COVID-19. They finished filming last fall and got the first season under wraps before quarantine. Plans are being put into place to kickstart season 2.

"Most of us are ready to go back to work," Moore expresses. "And naturally we're a little bit apprehensive because, you know, there's no completely fail-safe way to completely keep ourselves safe. But we want to get back to work. Everybody wants to get back to normal, or whatever our new normal will look like. We just want to get back to it."

While she admits that she's "a little bit nervous," she adds that "it's kind of like the sophomore thing, you know. So I'm nervous about going in, back into the character and giving people more of what they want."

Moore, however, says Perry is putting the cast and crew through a "camp quarantine."

"We will be tested about two weeks prior to arriving to the set, arriving to campus. And then we'll be tested again and then we'll be quarantined on campus," she notes. "We'll be quarantined for 14 days prior to, after, we're tested the first time and then quarantined after the second test once we're on campus. And then once we're given the all-clear, then we can get to the business of work."

"They'll be taking regular precautions of taking our temperatures, doing a questionnaire at the beginning of every day and then just before we leave, we'll be tested again to make sure that we've maintained our safety while we're on campus," she says.

Moore -- who plays first lady Victoria Franklin on the BET series, which follows her family after her husband and newly elected U.S. President Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn) move into the White House -- couldn't be happier to have such an incredible role under her belt.

"It's been surreal to be quite honest. This is my first lead role in any television production so it's been really, really exciting. It's been challenging but I've learned so much," Moore shares. "And being on set with so many talented people and being directed by Tyler Perry, like what more can I ask for as a first time being out there?! It's been amazing!"

Meanwhile, as more shows prepare to head back to set, a spokesperson for Live With Kelly and Ryan tells ET they'll be broadcasting "from the studio without an in-studio audience on Sept. 8."

And in a 22-page set of guidelines released by an entertainment industry task force on how to return to set safely, it recommends no packed makeup trailers and staged meal times. What's more, love and fight scenes are also going to be put on the back burner to keep people from getting too close to one another, and many casts and crews can expect to get tested one to three times per week and have daily temperature checks, monitored by a production-appointed "COVID-19 compliance officer."

CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful will be the first broadcast series to get back to work, with filming starting this week, while Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard's Jurassic World: Dominion is the first major studio film to resume production. They'll begin shooting again on July 6 at Pinewood Studios in the U.K. The actors must quarantine there for two weeks and will be tested beforehand.

The Oval airs on BET.