'Kung Fu' Cast Gets a Case of the Giggles On Set: Watch the Bloopers! (Exclusive)

Star Olivia Liang dishes on the sophomore season.

It's Kung Fu Wednesdays and only ET has a special treat that'll have you in stitches.

In never-before-seen bloopers from season 1, the cast of The CW drama -- led by leading lady Olivia Liang -- gets a case of the giggles on set. 

The gag reel immediately opens with Liang looking straight into camera as she tries to menacingly say, "Keep my name out of your mouth, b****h," before breaking down in laughter seconds later as co-star Eddie Liu, hanging out in the background of the scene, also reacts similarly.

Other highlights from the three-minute laughfest include several stunts gone hilariously wrong, klutzy moments, quippy ad-libs ("It looks like some kind of Hot Tub Time Machine") and line mess-ups. 

With the sophomore season in full swing, Liang spoke about what's to come for Nicky after she unexpectedly reunites with her long-lost cousin, Mia, whom she learns is a descendant of both a warrior and a guardian -- making her a sought-after asset.

"When you introduce a family member to Nicky, as well as put her in danger, Nicky's alarms go off. There's nothing she cares about more than her family. And when someone that she loves is in danger, she will stop at nothing to protect them," Liang told ET of their tense reunion. "We get to see that play out. But the meeting is a little bit tense at first because Mia grew up very isolated and doesn't trust people very easily. We got to watch Nicky break down those walls that Mia has and take her under her wing."

"You'll see Nicky grow being the Pei Ling for Mia," she added. "Season 2, we see her really thriving in what she knows is what she's meant to do. When she meets Mia, she sees a lot of herself in Mia and she's a girl who is lost, who needs to find her way. I think we watch Nicky become the shifu to her cousin."

While things may start off promising for Nicky and Henry, who are very much in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, Liang warns that that may not last long.

"They have a lot more to go through as a couple than normal couples do. But Nicky and Henry, I mean, you watched all of season 1, their relationship blossomed and they make such a good team and they understand each other on such an unspoken level. We really see that blossom even more this season," she said. "What lies ahead from them is not so much that there's another person who wants to break them up. But I think that you'll see... Henry gets a really awesome storyline this season and what that brings might be some outside forces that maybe make their relationship a little bit rocky."

Kung Fu airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Seasons 1 and 2 are available to own on Digital.

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