'Kung Fu': Here's Your First Look at Ludi Lin as a 'Dashing' Billionaire Heir (Exclusive)

Kung Fu
The CW

The 'Mortal Kombat' star makes his first appearance Wednesday.

Ludi Lin is coming.

The Mortal Kombat star makes his debut as billionaire heir Kerwin Tan on Wednesday's episode of The CW's Kung Fu, and only ET has the exclusive first look at his character in action.

Lin plays the heir to the Tan family fortune, who is dashing, handsome, physically fit and impossibly charismatic. Kerwin projects a very cool and collected face to the world, he is perceived by others as a louche playboy, who is frittering away his fortune on travel, luxury goods and adventure. Beneath his suave exterior, Kerwin is actually driven by a deep hurt and antipathy towards his father ... and his apparently reckless hedonism masks a keen intellect and a burning determination to prove his father wrong on the world stage. An erotically charged partnership with Zhilan will provide Kerwin with just the path to revenge (and vindication) he has been waiting for.  

In the exclusive photo from the upcoming ninth episode, Kerwin enjoys a glass of liquor with Zhilan as they catch up. 

"I choose to give my life to projects like these because they tell the story of a truer and grander vision of humanity. One where women aren't seen as beautiful objects of desire, instead they're beautiful because they're seen as human beings in full strength and splendour [sic]. One where Asian people are recognized as an integral and inalienable part of the one and only race that truly exists, the human race," Lin wrote in March on Instagram with a Kung Fu beanie. 

"We've all been living in the same house for some time now but you've never entered fully into our side of the doorway. You imagine what the box we live in must look like and you take what you need through a narrow frame but if you want you can come inside and we can show you the many hallways and rooms we've built over centuries," he continued. "Come eat, let's have potlucks, let's do sleepovers and share bedtime stories. I know you haven't heard enough from us but soon you won't be able to get enough of us if you just listen. We have lots to tell. Let's grow from familiars to families. We don't have to fit into these dumb boxes but actually feel like we all belong here. Maybe then we won't see each other as 'others' and we can start to see this world together as one."

Kung Fu returns Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. For more, watch below.

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