'KUWTK' Reunion: Kim Kardashian Reveals She Almost Pulled a 'Runaway Bride' on Kris Humphries

Plus, why 'fraud' became a factor in their divorce proceedings.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians may be over, but the first family of reality TV still has plenty of secrets to share!

On Thursday, KimKourtney and Khloe Kardashian and KrisKendall and Kylie Jenner sat down with Andy Cohen for the first of two parts of their Final Curtain reunion special, where the family dished on the most-buzzed-about moments from their 20 seasons on E!, as well as the behind-the-scenes moments fans didn't get to see.

One of the most candid moments came when Andy put the spotlight on Kim, grilling her on her relationships, marriages and splits. While the reality star and aspiring lawyer only had nice things to say about estranged husband Kanye West, things were a little rockier when it came to her marriage to former NBA star Kris Humphries.

In fact, according to Kim and her mom, Kris, the notorious 72-day marriage almost didn't happen at all -- and Kim was almost a runaway bride!

"It was the night before, it was the rehearsal," Kris recalled. "And I just went upstairs, and I said… 'Listen, if you really don't wanna do this, I don't think you should do it. I think this could be a really bad idea. If you wanna get out of it..."

"No, what you said to me was, 'Go.'" Kim interrupted. "You said, 'I'm gonna put you in a car, no one will find you, just leave. And I'll handle it.'"

Ultimately, Kim didn't take her mom up on the offer, chalking her hesitation up to "cold feet" and feeling the pressure of the multimillion-dollar wedding special that was being filmed the next day. 

"I thought, we're filming this for a TV show," she said of her thoughts at the time, noting that she also had to consider that she had already spent her contract fee for the TV special on her lavish day. "I felt pressured, I felt like I was gonna let everyone down."

Kim also said she didn't want to be a laughing stock in the press. "If I leave, I'm gonna be known as the runaway bride forever," she remembered thinking. "And it's gonna be a huge joke."

Ultimately, Kim said she wishes she had listened to her gut. 

"We get to Italy for our honeymoon, and I was like, 'F**k, I think I made the wrong decision,'" she recalled. "And then I went to New York and I was miserable. And I thought, you know what? If you have cold feet-- For anyone out there listening, if you have cold feet, it's not it."

However, she also admitted that she handled her split from Kris in "totally the wrong way" and "absolutely" feels like she owes him an apology.

"I tried calling him for months," she said, revealing that she had an encounter with her ex at a Los Angeles hotel years later, when she was with Kanye and pregnant with their second child, Saint.

"All of [Kris'] friends got up from the table and said hi to me, and he just literally looked at me and, like, wouldn't even speak to me," she said of the run-in. "He's very faith-based, and so, I'm sure he would have loved to not have a marriage on his record."

As for the rumors that she only married Kris for the publicity, Kim said she thinks those stem from his attempt to get the marriage annulled, which requires a claim of fraud. "So he marked 'fraud' [on his divorce filing] to get an annulment, so the whole world wondered, what is this fraud?"

The pair ultimately divorced, though Kim admitted she now wishes things were different. 

"If I was mature, I would have wanted the annulment too," she said. "I wish I was only married once."

The reality star also addressed her relationship with Kanye during the reunion special, including how the pair initially took their longtime friendship to the next level. 

"Six months after my divorce from Kris Humphries, I called Kanye and was like, 'You're not even gonna call me to say, 'I told you so?'" she shared. "We met up six months later, and from that first night, I knew it was over… My marriage with Kanye and my kids is so real, and lots of love, and that to me was, like, my first real marriage." 

See more in the video below. Part 2 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: The Final Curtain airs Sunday, June 20, at 8 p.m. PT/ET on E!