Kyle Richards Reveals She's Nearly 7 Months Sober

The reality TV star said she doesn't miss the alcohol.

Kyle Richards is opening up about her sobriety and how she's not missing alcohol one bit.

During a Q&A session with her Instagram followers earlier this week, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed she's coming up on seven months without alcohol. In her Stories, captured by People, the 54-year-old posted a direct message from a fan asking how her break from alcohol's been going.

"Truth is I don't miss it at all," said Richards, who added she hasn't set a date on when she'll indulge on a glass of wine or margarita.

Richards also said, "I feel amazing so don't see the point right now," referring to enjoying her sobriety.

Another fan asked her if she misses margaritas. As Real Housewives fans know, that was her choice of adult beverage on the show.

"So far, no," she said.

In a prior Instagram Story, via E! News, Richards was asked if would drink when filming resumes.

"I don’t plan on it," she responded. "With that said, some of these women have been known to drive someone to drink."