Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Adorably Tickles Her Baby Brother Aire in New Video

The sweetest giggles!

It's a big sister's duty! Kylie Jenner shared an Instagram video of her 5-year-old daughter, Stormi, tickling her 1-year-old son, Aire, on Tuesday. The sweet interaction has many fans swooning over the sibling love. 

Stormi and Aire appear in their pajamas atop a bed in the video, which Kylie captioned, "blessed mornings with my babies 🙏🏼👼🏽👼🏽."

As Stormi tickles her younger brother, he giggles in delight. Kylie also included footage of herself giving the children a kiss and a hug as she looks into the camera. 

Kylie recently spoke to HommeGirls about her two children, saying the duo has "made me love myself more." 

"I see my features in my daughter and my son," she told the magazine. "My daughter looks like me. I get to see my beauty in her, and it's made me love myself more for sure." 

Kylie added that the renewed confidence helps guide her beauty advice to Stormi: "She's perfect the way she is. Be confident, always be confident in yourself." 

Kylie said she's always known this advice to be true, pushing back against the narrative that her younger self was insecure. "I think a big misconception about me is that I've had so much surgery on my face and that I was some insecure person, and I really wasn't," she said. "Yeah, I love full lips and wanted full lips, but growing up I was always the most confident person in the room. I was the girl performing for everyone. I had my one lip insecurity thing, so I got lip filler, and it was the best thing I've ever done. I don't regret it. But I always thought I was cute."