Kylie Jenner's Epic Pregnancy Video: Everything We've Learned About Her 9-Month Journey!

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Though she has yet to name her new baby, Kylie Jenner has just revealed more about her pregnancy than anyone has known in the past year.

Along with the announcement of her daughter's birth on Instagram on Sunday, Jenner also posted a lengthy YouTube video showing intimate moments from the past nine months of her pregnancy.

The video kicks off with home movies of her mother, Kris Jenner, in the delivery room, with a newborn Kylie in her arms.

Kris Jenner with baby Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Then it transitions into the story of how Kylie became pregnant and told her friends and family. "Whatever your name is going to be, this is how I found out about you," says her BFF, Jordyn Woods, to a camera.

She continues,"Your mother and father met, and they hit it off. Chemistry," over previously unseen video of Kylie with Travis Scott, the baby's father. The images are sweet and intimate, showing a happy young couple. 

One of the cutest moments has to be Travis showing off the early ultrasound to friends.

After that, Kylie can be seen celebrating her 20th birthday, holding Saint West as she blows out candles, clearly comfortable with handling kids.

Kylie Jenner Birthday
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Later, the reality star heads to the doctor's office with Travis by her side for her 15-week ultrasound. "This is so crazy," she comments as she watches the screen with her growing baby.

She also takes the opportunity to show what she kept well hidden for so many months -- her baby bump! There are multiple shots of her early bump, including a cute moment in the desert where her sister Kendall directs her for an impromptu photo shoot.

Kylie Jenner Baby Bump
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

"When you're 20 years old, you're just figuring out our life," her friend narrates over some of the images. "You don't know what you want. You're an indecisive teenager, you're just becoming a young adult. And there was one thing your mom knew for sure. And that was you."

More friends from the previously unseen baby shower congratulate and offer words of support for Kylie's pregnancy. "I knew this was what she wanted ever since she turned 15," one friend jokes. 

The video goes on to show Kylie sharing her 25-week ultrasound with Travis' family, and they're clearly happy and proud. "I'm so excited, oh my God!" one family member, who appears to be Travis' mom, cries.

"We counted all her toes today, she has five, five everything," Kylie teases. 

Looks like Kylie's baby was an active one too, as part of the video shows little feet kicking away in her mom's tummy.

"She was born to be a mom," another friend comments from the baby shower.

We also get insight into some of Kylie's pregnancy cravings. While at the doctor, she asks about healthy weight gain during her pregnancy.

"It's just, In-N-Out these days, literally tastes like, ohh, it's the best thing," she says.

Then we cut to her ordering In-N-Out at the drive thru with her friends and having a good laugh. But we also see another surprise. On Kylie's left hand is a large, diamond ring. Travis and Kylie have not announced an engagement or wedding, so it's an interesting accessory.

Kylie Jenner Wearing Ring
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Then we finally get even more of Kylie's baby shower, showing a girly, all pink party, with guests wearing silky pajamas. 

During the baby shower, we also get a slight sense of the pregnancy timelines between herself and her sister Kim. 

"Me and Heather are four weeks apart, me and Kim are four weeks apart," Kylie comments, as she takes baby bump pics with her pal, Heather. 

We don't get specifics on sister Khloe's pregnancy timeline, but there is a quick shot of the two hugging each other tightly and a bump to bump photo, presumably of the two. 

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Baby Bumps Possibly
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

That mystery ring appears again too, as Kylie talks to the camera about being 34 weeks along, before it transitions into her sharing what's on her plate for a big Christmas dinner.

"Two burgers, one for me, one for the baby," she explains. "And two different fries, because I like regular fries and she likes sweet potato fries," she adds.

During the big family dinner, we get another big surprise. A smiling Kanye! He can be seen chasing North during the holiday celebrations, as the whole family gathers around the table for dinner.

Kanye West Smiling
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

The ring makes another appearance, along with a selfie shot of Kylie's roughly 8-month pregnancy belly. 

Kylie Jenner Baby Bump with Ring
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

And it seems like Kylie's baby girl will have some of mom's cool style, as she shared a glimpse inside her closet. There's dainty dresses, but also cool sneakers, including a teeny pair of Nikes the couple received for Christmas. 

From there, we get our first look at Chicago West, Kim and Kanye's third child, with a happy Kylie holding the newborn. There's also an appearance from Rob Kardashian and his daughter, Dream, as they siblings gather around the family's newest addition.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Dream Kardashian, and Chicago West
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Kim chimes in with some blunt advice. "I need to school you on what you're vagina's about to feel like," Kim tells her, as Kylie jokes she's not sure she wants to know.

And b to the baby shower, grandma Kris shares a beautiful message to her newest granddaughter.

"You've got the best mom, and you're so lucky," she says. "This is such a blessing, it's going to be such an amazing journey. I can't wait to see you, meet you, kiss you, love you." 

Kris Jenner Baby Message
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

"It definitely takes a village and I learned that long the way," she adds.

That so-called "village," including Kris and Khloe, is shown in tow as Kylie enters the hospital for delivery. Proud dad Travis is right by Kylie's bedside, all smiles as the moment arrives. Even Kendall FaceTimes in for some of the delivery process.

The screen goes black for the actual labor -- playing just sounds of a heart monitor and everyone encouraging Kylie as she does the final push -- and finally, the happy sounds of a crying newborn breaking through.

In keeping with maintaining her overall privacy through the pregnancy, there is just a brief shot of the baby's arm and leg, as Kylie holds her new bundle of joy.

Kylie Jenner Newborn Daughter
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

The 11-and-a-half minute concludes with a screen that reads, "To our Daughter February 1, 2018 8lbs 9oz 4:43 pm."

For more on Kylie's pregnancy, watch the video below!


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