'Labor of Love' Finale: Kristy Must Choose Between Stewart and Kyle to Have a Baby With

Labor of Love

Kristy is taking her final two suitors on a tour of her hometown before decision day on Thursday's season finale.

Decision day is nearly upon her, and Kristy Katzmann has a big choice to make. The season finale of Fox's Labor of Love kicks off Thursday night, and Kristy is taking her final two suitors around her hometown of Chicago before making a choice that may change her life forever.

In these sneak peeks at the upcoming episode, "Sleepless in Chicago," Kristy shows suitor Kyle Klinger -- who lives in Austin, Texas -- some of the sights and hot spots of the Windy City.

This includes the famous Buckingham Fountain in the heart of Grant Park -- which was admittedly a little less than breathtaking considering the episode was apparently shot during a time of year when it was too cold for a water feature to be running in Chicago.

"You have to picture it in the summer, with the fountain actually working," Kirsty says with a laugh as they walk around the iconic monument.

Her sightseeing trip with Stewart Gill, who lives in Los Angeles, was a bit more idyllic. In this clip, Kristy and Stewart hop on board the Centennial Wheel, a famous Ferris wheel located on Chicago's Navy Pier.

Looking out over the skyline, Kristy realizes the unique dilemma she's facing when picking between Kyle and Stewart.

"I'm very open to moving to LA, I'm very open to Austin. It really depends on who I end up with and how we want to move forward together," Kristy explains. "So it just gives me more things to think about."

In an interview with ET, Kyle described his connection with Kristy as "powerful." "When I saw her for the first time, Kristy has a presence that is... it got me, it got everybody. She can walk in a room and everybody stops," he said. 

"This show was amazing," he added of Labor of Love. "There was a lot of really cool things about it. I have no regrets. I'm super proud to be a part of it." 

Stewart, meanwhile, admitted to ET he was a little nervous to meet Kristy. However, he was fully committed to not just creating a child with her, but raising one as well. 

"Going into the show, I always said I wanted to be a family man. I always wanted to be a husband, I always wanted to be a father. And I want to be amazing at both, but I realized I never actually worked on it," he explained. "I just kind of assumed that in life Mrs. Right will appear magically ... Being on the show was the first time I really truly went after what I wanted and with the challenges from the fertility test to just being with the guys and knowing Kristy on an intimate level -- not a sexual intimacy level -- in terms of just communication, really talking what's really important to us and how we want to be as parents... it was an amazing journey throughout." 

Check out the season finale of Labor of Love to see whom Kristy ends up taking the next big life step with on Thursday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.