Lady Gaga Appears to Have Invisible Shield Protecting Her During 'Chromatica Ball' Summer Stadium Tour

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Lady Gaga is no stranger to making a fashion statement, but it now appears she's taken it to a whole new level -- one that will actually protect her while she's on stage. In a now-viral tweet, the 36-year-old singer appears to be protected by an invisible shield while performing during a show during her Chromatica Ball summer stadium tour.

ET has reached out Gaga's reps for confirmation.

In the 4-second video, posted by Twitter user @Andrin, a concertgoer attempted to throw something on stage at Gaga, but inches before it got to her, it bounced off the invisible shield. "CONFIRMED: Gaga has an invisible force field that protects her from dangerous objects as shown in the video," Andrin wrote, saying they took the video themselves, therefore it was not edited.

Gaga fans went wild over the moment, tweeting their thoughts. "That’s honestly freaky but iconic at the same time," one wrote. Another gushed, "She is a goddess. So powerful."

The video was posted right around the time Gaga thanked her "entire team and crew" who have helped her take this tour to the next level.

"I’m so incredibly grateful to everyone who worked with me to build this show, and helped me express a vision of freedom and joy through music, dance, fashion, art and technology," she wrote on Instagram. "I never thought I’d be on stage like this again. I’ll never forget all the hard work we put in as a team."

"I love and appreciate the dancers and band for all their hard work, dedication and talent in their rehearsals and performances, and the entire team and crew who make all of this possible," she added.

Gaga's long-awaited Chromatica Ball tour kicked off on July 17 in Düsseldorf, Germany, after being postponed two times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In June 2021, Gaga confirmed that fans would have to wait until 2022 for the tour, writing in a statement shared by Ticketmaster: "While some parts of the world are moving quickly to open up, others are not yet ready. So until we can confirm all global dates, we have to postpone the Chromatica Ball shows to the summer of 2022."

Gaga's 2022 Chromatica Ball tour will make stops in Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Toronto, Canada, before making it's way back to the United States, where she will perform 10 shows in different cities before closing out the tour in Miami on Sept. 17.


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