Lala Kent Says Tom Sandoval Won't Leave His and Ariana Madix's House: She Has No 'Safe' Space

Kent shared the latest update on Scandoval on her 'Give Them Lala' podcast on Wednesday.

The Scandoval continues! 

Lala Kent is sharing the latest update on the drama between Ariana Madix and her ex, Tom Sandoval, following his alleged affair with Raquel Leviss. In a new episode of Kent's Give Them Lala podcast on Wednesday, the Vanderpump Rules star revealed that Sandoval still won't leave the house he and Madix share together.

"Sandoval won’t leave the house. I don’t know if he will now, but for a very long time he was like, 'I plan on being here all week and I plan on using every room in the house,'" Kent shared, before claiming that Madix no longer had a "safe" space to mentally "recharge" amid the drama.

Sandoval's ex and former VPR star, Kristen Doute, shared more on the the pair's living situation on her own podcast, Sex, Love and What Else Matters, last month.

"He walked in, and he was like, 'Yeah, I know everyone hates me,'" Doute recalled of being at Sandoval and Madix's shared home post-scandal. "And I volunteered myself as tribute and I said, 'I’m going to go upstairs and I'm going to make sure he’s not staying.'"

She continued, "We did go upstairs, and I have to respect that they share that home, legally he's allowed to be at that house. So I reminded everybody that the best thing we can do right now is respect what the laws are."

Doute previously noted that she tried to have Madix's friends get involved in an effort to get Sandoval out of the house and give Madix the space she was seeking.

"We tried having a mutual friend, one of Ariana's college best friends, rather than someone too close to them [reach out to him]... just saying, 'Listen, dude, you gotta at least give her a couple hours heads-up when you need to come home to pick things up. You need to let this rest for at least a few weeks. Allow her to grieve, allow her to heal,'" Doute said in a March 16 episode of The Viall Files podcast. "And of course, his response is, 'It's my f**king house. I own half of it. I will come and go as I please, and if she has a problem with it, she can leave.'"

As a result, Doute said at the time that Madix didn't want to be home alone "because that's what she's most afraid of, being home alone and then having him waltz in."

Sandoval and Madix called it quits last month after nine years together after he was allegedly caught cheating on Madix with Leviss. While Sandoval, Leviss and Madix have all since released statements regarding the matter, fans will get to see them come face-to-face in the show's season 10 reunion, which recently wrapped filming.

Andy Cohen will be hosting the Vanderpump Rules reunion and teased what viewers can expect, noting that he filmed one-on-one interviews with Madix, Sandoval and Leviss.

"I did separate one-on-ones with Tom, Ariana and Raquel, so that I could get all of their stories just in conversation with me, because I had a sense that I wasn't-- now, by the way, I re-asked a lot of the stuff in front of the group, but wanted to get everyone-- and I also, I had things that I had ... my own concerns, I had my own things I wanted to confront them about, things that I had noticed," he said on SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live. "I got to do that, so that's how we started and then we brought them in as a group, OK?"

Cohen added, "So, it was a real reckoning. If you are looking to hear their story, you will. If you are looking for them to be confronted to their face about what they've done in, what I would say, an impressive manner, confrontational manner, you will get it."

And while the dates of the VPR reunion have yet to be announced, Cohen did reveal that "Peacock is going to release extended versions" of the special.

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