Lala Kent Suspicious About Raquel Leviss Stealing Men in All-New 'Vanderpump Rules'

Kent vocalizes her suspicions about Leviss in Wednesday night's episode.

It looks like Lala Kent had her suspicions about Raquel Leviss all along. On Wednesday's all-new episode of Vanderpump Rules -- which comes on the tail of Leviss' alleged affair with Tom Sandoval --- Kent voiced her concerns over Leviss "stealing men" during a girls trip to Las Vegas.

The girls arrive at Burbank airport for their flight to Vegas, ready to get the party started. In a confessional, Katie Maloney tells the camera, "I just want to have fun and let loose with my girlfriends... and Raquel."

Maloney's apprehension towards Leviss is less than surprising given her confession last week, in which she admitted to asking Maloney's ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, to make out.

Still, Leviss happily joins the group, and even sits next to Ariana Madix on the flight, with the pair taking a quick selfie video of them saying, "Vegas, baby."

After arriving at the Paris hotel, Kent and friend of the cast, Kristina Kelly, surprise Leviss with a Tom Schwartz piñata.

"Are you turned on?" Kent asks. "Um... I'm not not turned on," Leviss replies.

"I'm just kidding," Leviss adds, after Kelly shoots her an awkward look.

"I feel like she's not kidding," Kent says.

The girls head out for the night to Lisa Vanderpump's new V.I.P lounge, Vanderpump Paris, where Kent confesses to having a crush on Oliver Saunders, Garcelle Beauvais' son, who coincidentally, is the group's server.

Leviss whispers to Kent that "he's hot," to which the new mom obviously agrees.

"I just admire, acknowledge and appreciate good-looking people, 'cause I think he's, like, married with kids," Kent says. "No, I think he's separated," Vanderpump interjects, before Leviss suggests that the group should invite Oliver out with them.

"Isn't the whole point of this girl trip to meet cute guys and have fun?," Leviss says in a confessional. "Oliver is so charismatic and he's got this swagger to him that's very intriguing."

Despite Kent seemingly calling "dibs" on Oliver, Leviss makes eyes at him -- something Vanderpump takes notice of.

The conversation then turns to Scheana Shay suggesting Leviss and Schwartz hookup, which is new info for LVP, who is so shocked by the idea that she spits her wine back into her glass,

"Basically, Scheana put the idea in my head, but I originally said no, and then the idea, kinda like, stayed there," Leviss confesses.

"Come on! You gotta take some responsibility in that. You were actually thinking that might be a good idea? Come on!," an outraged Vanderpump exclaims.

"I do! I do! And I told Katie straight-up, I asked Schwartz if he wanted to make out," Leviss admits. 

It's then that Maloney's mom, who joined the group for drinks tells Leviss that Maloney "hurts inside" though she doesn't show it.

She's still legally married to Schwartz, and they haven't even sold their home yet, she adds before both mother and daughter tear up at the table. 

"What I'm going through is f**king really hard. I don't think Raquel's fully, like, got it?" Maloney says in an interview. "Tom's not just some dude I dated. He was our family. So, if she's gotta hear it from my mom, she's gotta hear it from my mom."

The night continues at a club called Discopussy, where Oliver shows up and joins the ladies at their VIP table.

It's not long before he, Leviss and Kent start talking.

"Literally, you have the cutest smile and you're very sweet. The face tat definitely would not fly by mom, whatsoever," Leviss tells Oliver.

"I feel like they see me, and they think one thing, and then once I open my mouth and we start talking and stuff like that, it's like, 'Whoa!" Oliver says in his defense.

"He has that charm," Leviss adds. "It's refreshing," Oliver says. "That's what I like to think, but I also think that I'm not a f**k boy, so maybe I'm just out of touch with reality."

"But it's hard because you're telling me like, I'm not a f**k boy. And then you smile and I'm like, he's not a f**k boy," Kent interjects. "And that's how they get away with it!" Leviss exclaims.

"I'll take that. I'll take that," Oliver quips.

After finding out Oliver is separated, he and Kent bond over their children, with the pair sharing photos of their little ones over Leviss.

Kent and Leviss step aside to the bar, where Leviss says she feels an attraction between Lala and Oliver, and admits she feels "awkward" about doing anything with Oliver now.

Kent then gives Leviss her "stamp of approval to hook up with" Oliver, after their flirty exchanges throughout the evening.

"It is strange to me, though," Kent says in a confessional. "Raquel had zero interest in Oliver until I said, 'Damn! He kinda foine.' And then, all of a sudden, she's treating this like a pageant and is in competition mode with me."

After getting the green light, Leviss and Oliver start talking, and he invites her to dance. The pair are seen making out before with slo-mo shots of their kissing session close out the episode, leaving viewers to prepare for the fallout.

In a look ahead at next week's episode, it's clear Kent isn't exactly thrilled about Leviss "stealing her man."

"I will say this: you drinking? I would never trust you around my man," Kent says.

"Thank god you don't have a man to, like, f**king have around," Leviss shoots back to the group's surprise.

"What?!," Maloney exclaims. "Oh my god. Raquel!," Kelly agrees.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.