Lance Bass Dishes on His ‘Selfless’ Surrogate & Final Father’s Day Without Kids (Exclusive)

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Lance Bass is preparing to mark what will most likely be his last Father’s Day before becoming a doting dad himself!

The *NSYNC heartthrob and his husband of three years, Michael Turchin, are moving forward with surrogacy plans and Bass exclusively updated ET on impending fatherhood and the emotional process of selecting the woman who will carry their child.

“It’s looking like this might be the last Father’s Day that I’m kid-less!” Bass says. “We’ll see if the timing’s right. We’re hoping to have a kid next summer, so we’ll just see how everything works out. Who knows what wrenches might be thrown in, so we’re just crossing our fingers that it all works out.”

Having revealed to ET in April that the couple had started the process of expanding their family, the two recently locked in a surrogate, a life-changing decision that almost brought the 39-year-old singer to tears.

“Our surrogate fell into our laps through our embryologist, who is incredible,” Bass shares. “She started her own surrogacy company last year. We were meeting with several companies and she said, ‘I know you haven’t decided if you’re going to go with us, but in case you do, I have a girl that’s ready to go now who I think will be perfect.’ We were like, ‘Really?’”

“She brought her over the next day and we just loved her,” the My Kitchen Rules runner-up continues. “She was so selfless and all about wanting to give that gift to someone. I wanted to cry because it was just so special that someone would do that.”

As they prepare to become parents, Bass has a whole village of friends and family ready to help raise the child. He recently joked that his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bestie, Lisa Vanderpump, will no doubt declare herself godmother to the baby.

“We have a lot of things in common,” Bass says of his close friendship with the 57-year-old restaurateur. “I first met her years ago, well before she was on Housewives. I dated her best friend, so that’s how I got to know her and we just bonded over so many things.”

“She loves the LGBT community and has made her whole life about giving back and creating clubs and restaurants that are very LGBT friendly,” he adds. “And then of course there’s our passion for dogs, which is what really bonds us! All we want to do is help dogs and rescue dogs and we’ve bonded a lot over that. Her and [husband] Ken have become some of our best friends.”

In fact, one of Vanderpump’s Hollywood hot spots, Pump restaurant, is where two fans will be treated to a fancy dinner as part of Bass' new Crowdrise by GoFundMe campaign. The fundraiser is in honor of the two-year anniversary of the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, and donations will benefit the onePULSE Foundation, which provides grants to survivors and families of victims of the tragedy.

Fans donating at least $10 will be entered for the chance to fly to Los Angeles with a friend to dine at Pump, enjoy dessert at Sweet, then take on the roles of Bass’ sous chefs during his Facebook Live cooking series, #LanceEats at Chef'd headquarters.

CrowdRise by GoFundMe

Continuing to support organizations like the onePULSE Foundation is important to Bass, who knows how important it is for the LGBT community to have safe places, like Pulse once was, to celebrate and embrace their identity.

His own road to acceptance of his sexuality was a long and ardous one, with Bass recently revealing to ET that he plunged into depression during the height of his career, “lonely” and miserable while his bandmates all enjoyed having girlfriends.

“It was when I was 19, 20 and everyone started having serious relationships that I really started feeling depression for the first time,” he dished. “All the guys had girlfriends and we’d get a couple of days off and [they would be with] girlfriends and I was the only one who didn’t have anyone. That’s when it started getting really scary because I was like, ‘I can’t keep this ruse up much longer.’”

“Then rumors started because I hadn’t had a girlfriend, so I would date people just for the optics of it -- so people would think of me in a certain way,” he continued. “Which was horrible for that person and for myself -- having a relationship built on a huge lie is a horrible thing. I thought, ‘My life sucks.’ It was like one side of my life [my career] was going great and I should be happy, but the thing that really matters -- love -- I couldn’t have.”

Now, more than a decade later, the star is happily married and excited to be preparing for fatherhood with Turchin. See more on their journey to parenthood below.

*To contribute to Bass’ onePULSE Foundation fundraiser and be in to win a trip for two to Los Angeles and become his sous chefs for a day, visit Crowdrise.


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