Larry King Clarifies Heart Condition, Is Expected to Make Full Recovery

Larry King
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Larry King suffered a health issue last week, but is now recovering.

Larry King suffered a serious health issue last week, but is now recovering.

A source close to King tells ET that he suffered a heart attack last Thursday after going into cardiac arrest. According to the source, doctors performed an angioplasty and several stents were inserted. The source adds that King is expected to be released from the hospital later on Monday.

However, a statement shared on his Twitter on Monday by Ora TV states King didn't suffer a heart attack. According to the statement, King experienced angina -- a type of chest pain -- and he was admitted to the hospital early to be examined before his scheduled angioplasty on Thursday. His doctors expect him to make a full recovery. 

The 85-year-old television and radio host has suffered a heart attack before. King suffered a major heart attack in 1987 and had quintuple-bypass surgery. He acknowledged a few of his unhealthy habits prior to his heart attack in the 2004 book, Taking on Heart Disease.

"In early 1987 I was smoking three packs of Nat Sherman cigarettes a day, eating fried this-and-that, enjoying lamb chops with lots of fat because that always improves the taste, ordering banana cream or lemon meringue pie for dessert -- and feeling absolutely fine," he noted. "But when I look back at the events leading up to that day when you-know-what happened, I remember people giving me 'the look.' It was always followed by something like 'Larry, you oughta (fill in the blank: stop smoking/eat more fish/get some exercise),' and I always responded with a completely phony appreciative nod and continued doing what I was doing. I guess that line about 'everything you need to see is always right in front of you but you gotta open your eyes to see it' really does hold true."

In September 2017, King revealed he had been diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove the upper lobe and lymph node. His rep told ET at the time that he returned to work just two weeks later. 

King also took to Twitter to assure fans he was as "healthy as can be."

"Thank you everyone for the well wishes," he wrote. "The doctors at Cedars [Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles] were great & removed the cancer immediately. I'm as healthy as can be & back at work."

Last February, Biggest Loser host Bob Harper opened up about his own scary heart attack that happened in 2017. Watch the video below for more: