Late Alex Trebek Spreads Awareness of 'Terrible' Pancreatic Cancer in Pre-Recorded 'Jeopardy' Segment

Alex Trebek
Eric McCandless via Getty Images

The segment opened Thursday's episode of 'Jeopardy,' to mark World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

Less than two weeks after his death following a battle with stage four pancreatic cancer, Alex Trebek is spreading awareness of what he described as a "terrible, terrible disease." The 80-year-old Jeopardy! host died on Nov. 8.

Prior to his death, he continued hosting and recording episodes of Jeopardy! and Thursday's installment began with a message marking World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

"Before we get into today's match, a word about today," Trebek said. "Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day and if you or anyone you know has developed some of the symptoms that I have talked about in the past then by all means, get to a doctor, get yourself tested. I want you to be safe. This is a terrible, terrible disease."

The show's official Twitter account also shared a message encouraging viewers to wear purple in honor of Trebek to mark World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

"Today is #WorldPancreaticCancerDay. Wear purple in honor of Alex, and help raise awareness for the risks and symptoms of pancreatic cancer," the post read.

The tweet also included an image of Trebek with his wife, Jean Trebek, both dressed in purple and white.

The final episode of Jeopardy! featuring Trebek is scheduled to air on Christmas Day.

Following his death, ET spoke with the show's executive producer, Mike Richards, who detailed Trebek's "peaceful" final day.

"He had a nice final day. He was out on his swing that he loved with his wife and surrounded by family," Richards said. "It was a very peaceful day, there were laughs, and then he went to sleep."

"If you know Alex, he did everything that perfectly and even his last day was done that perfectly. I just love that he had a nice, a good last day," he added. "Ultimately, his family came back into town. He was surrounded by everyone and I think he knew that it was his time. He was very at peace with that."

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