Laurie Metcalf Talks 'Political' Revival Season of 'Roseanne,' Oscar Buzz for 'Lady Bird' (Exclusive)

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It's been a big year for the 62-year-old actress!

It's been a big year for Laurie Metcalf! The 62-year-old actress is back as Jackie Harris on the Roseanne revival set to air next year, and is earning Oscar buzz for her role in Lady Bird. 

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with Metcalf at the Garry Marshall Theatre's First Annual Founders Gala in Burbank, California, on Monday, where she dished all about her exciting times ahead. 

"We had a table read [for Roseanne] today! This morning of episode number five [and] six, and they added one so we'll do nine instead of eight [episodes] which is fun to hear!" she revealed. "Everyone is really surprised at how it feels like no time has passed at all even though decades -- I hate to say -- have gone by." 

"I guess it's like riding a bike, you know? We spent so much time together, nine years together. and the writers are writing very true to the characters, so it's like we picked up right where we left off," she added.

The characters, the set and the humor may be the same, but according to Metcalf, the revival season will be much more "political." 

"It's a bit political at times, because you can't ignore that," she shared. "But it stays true to the earlier version, where it's mostly about the family and little incidents. It's really nostalgic that way." 

As for her new project, Lady Bird, Metcalf admitted it was "bizarre" to heard awards talk surrounding her performance. 

"It was a little independent movie... and I read it and I wanted to work with Greta Gerwig and Scott Ruden and Saoirse Ronan, and it was just one of those movies that took off," she said. "Everybody relates to it in a different way, and I think it has become really moving to a lot of people." 

"Surreal is the word," she said of a possible Oscar nomination. "I've only done a handful of movies, and it's sort of a different world for me; I've been doing a lot of theater. But the best part of it always is to be recognized by peers and to be proud of the project that you were in, and to work with people that you respect and you get better by being paired with."

One of Metcalf's earliest films was Dear God, directed by Garry Marshall, whom she was honoring on Monday. 

"That was fun, because I got to be on set with him every day," she remembered. "[All of his movies] are so heartfelt, all of them. And so funny, and so well cast at the time." 

"It's his birthday, but it's great to see his close family, who have been like a family to me. The actor he's put in all of his movies, he was always so loyal to everybody he worked with," she expressed, tearing up. "He was just a great friend, just a wonderful person, wonderful guy, and everybody from here to there will tell you the same thing." 

See more on Metcalf in the video below.